Because childhood should be a happy, exciting time of life.

The Children’s Workshop Early Learning Center,

By Melissa Shrader Editor/Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid January 24, 2022

"...Both my sons not only grew up at Children's Workshop–they flourished there."
- Stasie John

Gummy Worm VS. Real Worm

A teacher set a gummy worm out on a tray during circle time for our kids to discuss. The children all quietly looked it over and used descriptive words like "Wiggly, soft, long, skinny, and can we eat one?" But when she pulled a real worm out of a container and set it next to our gummy worm, the children suddenly got loud and I heard descriptive words like, "Ew, yuck, gross, and I am not touching that!"

That’s just one example of a great day at The Children’s Workshop Early Learning Center. Teachers prepare classes like this to excite and engage children with fun and educational experiences that open up their minds and excite them. Children learn best when they are interested in and excited about what they are learning. 

Teachers aren’t the only ones who are key to a child’s success in school. We believe that parents are the most significant adults in their child’s life. A partnership between parent and teacher should be created to promote mutual respect and open communication. Parents are the first teachers to their children and we welcome you in the classroom. 

A child's growth and development include physical, social, academic, and emotional development, all of which are important in helping a child perform to his/her potential in a caring environment.

"We believe that childhood should be a happy, exciting time of life. A time that allows children developmental opportunities to explore, create, and develop self-confidence."

The Children’s Workshop Early Learning Centers are part of a nonprofit corporation providing high-quality toddler, preschool, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and school-age programs since 1973.

"The teachers are amazing. I can't express the joy and gratefulness I have for them and what they accomplished with my children. I believe the advantages this program gives over public kindergarten will help my children overcome any challenges they might encounter in further educational opportunities and life's challenges."
- Cassandra Walker

We offer toddler care, preschool, pre-kindergarten

Toddler is a magical time. 

Baby has grown, is in motion, and exploring EVERYTHING! This is the time when your active little one is learning about the world around them and about themselves. Toddlers are exploring their independence moving and using all their senses. The Children’s Workshop Early Learning Center’s Toddler program offers art, sensory activities, music, movement adventures, and lots of active outdoor play. 

Before you know it, it’s time for Preschool. 

Three-year-olds are exposed to a balance of active and quiet activities, large and small group situations each day. The curriculum reflects the Colorado State Preschool Standards and combines child-initiated and teacher-directed projects. Learning incorporates indoor play, outdoor play, learning centers, art, science, dramatic play, gross motor, manipulative, language/listening, and music. 

At four, it’s off to Junior kindergarten! 

Through a series of thematic units’ children receive the foundation for future success in school. Children learn new skills through hands-on activities teaching prereading and writing skills, prescience concepts and experiments, pre-math concepts, creative art, dramatic play, movement, and social studies. 

Not quite ready for Kindergarten? Sunshine Program is perfect!

Our Sunshine Squad program is designed for those children who have completed Junior Kindergarten but not yet ready for Kindergarten.  The Sunshine Squad classroom enables students to learn in small class sizes and build on foundational literacy, extending the learning in all academic areas, and strengthening their skills.  Our teacher encourages individual independence which ensures each student will have a smooth transition into kindergarten. Students learn to write their name, solve simple addition and subtraction problems, develop social and emotional skills, and are able to retell a story from beginning to end, among other skills.

It's time for Kindergarten!

Now your child is ready for the next step. Kindergarten! Whole-day classes with low ratios allow teachers to give individual time and encourage a love of learning. 

Looking for Before and After School Programs? 

If you are like many parents and work a full day, we can help. Whether it’s before or after school, school holidays, or early dismissal days we have you covered! Our program for kids 5-12 has been designed based on the premise that learning happens every day. Your child will be able to not only spend time with friends, enjoy activities relevant to school-age interests, and also be provided with homework help and skills enhancement. For before school we offer breakfast and transportation for nearby schools. 

Learning Doesn’t Stop During Summer.

Children’s Workshop Summer camp programs are exciting and help your child explore the world around them. Our program has different weekly themes with engaging activities, educational field trips, and projects with their peers. Your child will get to explore the local community by exploring parks, museums, and local points of interest and stretch their creative minds through music, arts, crafts, and play. 

You will always know what’s going on at the Children’s Workshop.

Communication is key. Teachers communicate with parents daily through conversation and Brightwheel. The staff text, and send pictures of the children throughout the day. This helps give you a picture of your child's day including how they ate, slept, and participated in activities. You can always request a conference at any time and progress reports are easily scheduled every year. Monthly newsletters and calendars of events are provided by the Director and staff and weekly lesson plans are posted on the “Parent’s Bulletin Board in the main entryway or in your child’s classroom. 

"The administration and teachers at the Sunview Children's Workshop have become part of our extended family. It's comforting to know that our children are learning and being loved while we are working."
- Jim & Ceri Anderson

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