About The Publisher: Melissa Shrader

Hello, I'm Melissa,

 I love publishing Fort Collins and the surrounding area newsletter.  Our Newsletter is FREE and is considered one of the leading sources of local information and things to do. It's a "one stop shop" guardian resource of all things kid and family. 

It's always great when I'm out and about and someone asks me "Are you the Macaroni Kid Mom?" Or when they recognize me "Your the Mac Mama!" I LOVE that!

I'm proud of my Colorado Roots. I've traveled through Europe and seen some beautiful places but Colorado always calls me back.  It's home! I've made my home is in Loveland with my wonderful little family of 3 - my husband, my daughter, and me. Having been born and raised in Colorado, I've seen it's growth.  I'm always amazed at how much a city can grow yet still have a small hometown feel.  I love that my job can make the city seem even easier to navigate with all the great things to do here.
I've vacationed almost EVERYWHERE in Colorado.  I've done my globe-trotting from New York to France and so many other places.  It makes me appreciate a nice stroll in Old Town Fort Collins or Downtown Loveland as well as enjoying a hike, or picnic around our scenic city and state.
My family is my reason for doing Macaroni Kid. It allows me to have time with my family and to connect with people in the community which fills my cup up! I love to connect people and I love family and kids! This is my passion. Getting information into the hands of parents/guardians to make your lives a little easier and smoother.
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Thank you for your time!
Editor/Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid
email me at melissas@macaronikid.com with suggestions and comments anytime.