Why Advertise with Macaroni Kid?

Ready to Create a Successful Partinershop with Fort Collins Macaroni Kid?

By Melissa Shrader Editor/Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid April 16, 2018

Have you ever wanted to get the word out without having to do all the foot work yourself?  We here at Macaroni Kid can do a lot of walking for you between the Newsletter that services 2000+ self subscribers and has over 30,000 views a month?  We offer Facebook posts, Twitter "tweets", Instagram, and Pinterest if you have an account there too.

Here's how we can help! 

Reach Your Audience: Your customers are ready to listen.  Are you talking?  Macaroni Kid is the source that thousands of local families visit for all the latest local news, a calendar packed with tons of family entertainment, local business features, services and much more. With a Macaroni Kid presence, families can discover well as refer their friends and family to you!

Affordability:  Cut your costs by advertising on-line with Macaroni Kid.  Expensive printing, preparation, and Mailing has met a new affordable AND effective era of the Internet where your business is brought right to the fingertips of your targeted audience!

Communication:  How on earth can someone create efficient advertising without learning about their advertiser?  As a publisher of MK I value my local businesses and love to promote the "buy local" to sustain a healthy economy practice.  After all, I am here to represent all the great opportunities and services my community has to offer!  My MK sponsors are community members too.  In partnership, we support one another.  How? Sponsor logos are displayed as active advertisements on my website and serve my readers (your audience) with an open line of communication by redirecting them to your website with a click of the mouse.  In addition, I also offer bonus promotional opportunities featuring business articles in the form of reviews, upcoming event announcements, special business values and educational input from the "paper and pencil" of an expert business owner (you!). The detailed content MK presents to readers is equally beneficial to the businesses that advertise.

Repeated Exposure: Readers revisit the Macaroni Kid site several times a week! That means they are exposed to your ads multiple times as well. Can you get that type of exposure from a print ad?

 I'm looking forward to your partnership! Please contact me today for a Macaroni Media Kit.

 Thank you for your time,

 Melissa Shrader
 Publishing Mom
 Fort Collins Macaroni Kid & Loveland Macaroni Kid