NOCO Virtual Farmers Market… Gets Snackafied in a Healthy Way!

By Alexa Vasquez, Founder/CEO and the NOCOVFM Team and Candida Marques, Co-Owner, Marketing/Sales & Website Director September 20, 2020

Quarantine time certainly changed the way we live, from wearing masks and social distancing straight down to the way we eat. 

Yes, quarantine snacks have become a huge comfort food, however, don’t be fooled, today’s consumer expects to have healthier snacking choices. And NOCO Virtual Farmers Market is providing our customers with the best, the tastiest and healthiest local snacking choices this side of the Mississippi!

Below we address a few snacking trends taking place in 2020 and how we, as a virtual market, are addressing our customer’s needs. We are proud to introduce you to two of our latest snacking choices available on the website, but first let us take at the following:

  • Covid 19 made us become health conscience, because of it we are building awareness over what is in our food as well as where our foods are coming from. Today’s consumer is looking for decadent healthy snacks that provide nutritional benefits through plant based alternatives, herbs and other natural ingredients. In addition, long gone are the days of your food being shipped across the ocean. Today’s consumer is embracing the local food supplier and NOCO Virtual Farmers Market is meeting and exceeding that goal as we continue to bring to you, our customer, the freshest, local food products around.

  • Comfort Food is where it is, bakery sales continue to rise with consumers seeking freshly baked, unique flavored foods to satisfy their taste buds, we at NOCO Virtual Farmers Market have a nice selection of bakers baking fresh and healthy goods straight from their ovens to your table. Forget about the month old packaged bread that comes from God knows where, and embrace the local baker who can tell you exactly what is in their product as well as where the ingredients came from, all the way down to where it is baked and packaged. Doesn’t get any better than that!

  • Nostalgic flavors like cinnamon, chocolate mint, salty nut etc. are all gaining traction as consumers try to re-create experiences from their childhood and bring them back home. Nothing like a back yard barbeque or a homemade birthday cake to remind you of days gone past and NOCO Virtual Farmers Market is bringing the past alive with their new line of sweet and salty, healthy, gluten free, snacks from Skinny Crisps and Honey Bunchies.

  • Salty snacks have morphed into unique flavor combinations like the everything bagel chip, the toasty onion cracker and many more, we at NOCO Virtual Farmers Market offer unique flavor combinations in many of our products, from beverages to baked goods, to sweets, we have you covered in more ways than one.

  • Consumers today are replacing large meals with snacks as they graze throughout the day, because of this trend you will find smaller packages of your favorite snacks. Why bother dividing large bulky packages when you can grab and go from a box filled with smaller portions that are the exact amount needed to satisfy any craving. We at NOCO Virtual Farmers Market know how busy you are so we asked our food providers to supply us with the exact portion controlled packages of some amazing, local, healthy snacks.

With all this talk about unique food combinations, healthy choices, natural ingredients that are locally made and consciously sourced and packaged in just the right amount, well, I don’t know about you, but I am feeling quite hungry right about now.

I am headed over to to do some weekly shopping. I hope you will join me and when you do please visit our new Snackified vendors:  Skinny Crisps are gluten free, low carb, portion controlled snacks in unique flavor combinations that are diabetic safe. Wow! Talk about healthy? And guess what… they are hand baked in Boulder, Colorado.

Join us as we introduce to you yet another new Sanckified vendor Honey Bunchies,  Honey Bunchies is a 50% veteran owned, 50% woman owned, family business. Honey Bunchies gourmet honey bars are handmade in Longmont, Colorado.

We want to take a moment to thank each and every one of our readers for supporting our virtual market, for supporting our amazing hard working vendors and we hope you will become a beloved customer. We look forward to serving you as you shop our virtual market and hopefully to meeting you when we deliver our healthy, local goodies straight to your doorstep!

Have a wonderful week, see you next week!


Candida and Alexa