NOCO Virtual Farmers Market - The Business of Business

By Candida Marques, Co-Owner, Marketing/Sales & Website Director August 30, 2020

The business of business, isn’t just business! 

A company no matter the size isn’t simply an economic entity, but a social organism. 

It is part of society and must embrace its surroundings and contribute to it in positive and meaningful ways.

The well-being of all who trust the company and its leaders depend on it, 

including the company’s employees, customers, vendors, suppliers and so on.

We at NOCO Virtual Farmers Market, have one clear objective:to strengthen the vitality of our virtual market to serve the best interests of our vendors who together as a team we serve the community at large.

With this goal in mind, we won’t lead to less, but to more, more services, better operations, higher quality products, better choices and ease of shopping with a smooth delivery platform to ensure our community is thriving. Most of all, we continue to build on establishing a greater, stronger connection between the farmer, the food producer, the artisan and small businesses. We understand that through those connections communities grow and become sustainable, trust gets built and we too are a small business and trust is something we take seriously when we work with our customers.

Place your trust in us by living, loving, shopping local for all your bear necessities.

Visit our YEAR ROUND virtual farmers market and support your local small businesses all year long!