Why Advertise With Macaroni Kid?

By Melissa Shrader Editor/Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid December 29, 2021

Why Advertise With Macaroni Kid?

Parents consistently tell us what an indispensable resource Macaroni KID is to them. If your business is about reaching local families, then advertising with us is targeted, no-waste marketing for you.

Did you know that it takes a potential customer an average of 7 times of being exposed to a business' brand before they become an actual customer?

If you advertise with us, Fort Collins Macaroni KID will help you build brand exposure among parents and caregivers in our community.

7 Touches: We believe that it takes at least seven touches for a potential customer to take action. Macaroni Kid understands this and uses a seven prong approach to help you reach the Fort Collins/Timnath/Wellington and surrounding areas family market.

  • Share Great Content - Content is King: Demonstrate your expertise and share content with our weekly Macaroni Kid e-newsletter readers. We are highly selective as to the content that gets distributed in our weekly e-news. We will help you edit your message and shout the call to action to our audience. Read more about Dedicated E-mails, Expertise Articles, and Featured Business Articles. We also offer Non-Profit Spotlights for qualifying businesses.
  • Share A Picture - It's Worth a Thousand Words: Your creative design is never lost on our clean website. Your message pops on our un-cluttered site with limited advertisements. Read more about Slideshow Articles, Side Banner Ads, and Top Banner Ads.
  • Get Attention - Our weekly e-newsletter is jam packed with information. Our readers love to hear about Exclusive Deals and enter Giveaways designed just for them.
  • Socialize with our Fans - We utilize social media channels to share your message, articles, banners, events, and photos. Feel free to jump into the conversation and chat with our fans on our various social media channels.
  • See them Face-to-Face - We love to get out in the community and meet our readers face-to-face. Chat with us about partnering on a Community Event.
  • Leave them With Something to Remember - Get your printed and promotional materials out to your target market by becoming a Macaroni Kid Swag Bag Partner, Craft Sponsor, or Raffle Prize Sponsor.
  • Be Top of Mind - Have a Macaroni Kid presence all year long by becoming part of our Business Directory or Seasonal Guides. Add your family-friendly events to our online calendar.

Macaroni Kid Fort Collins is a parent-focused online media resource in Larimer County. We focus specifically on families in Wellington, Bellvue, Red Feather, Fort Collins, Timnath, and surrounding areas. 

We send our email newsletter every week to over 4,000 opt-in local parents and we engage with nearly 4,000 social media fans (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). Our website averages 24,000 web impressions monthly. Our free service connects local parents, grandparents, teachers, and caregivers to activities, events, and businesses in their own community.

There is no other comparable hyper-local digital publication.

Local parents engage frequently and consistently with us and regularly tell us that we are an indispensable resource for them.  

Macaroni KID Fort Collins can help you:

  • Build brand recognition,
  • Share your expertise,
  • Promote a special event,
  • Launch a new product, service, or location. 

Today's parents are online — which is where you'll find us too! With our excellent connection with local readers and more than a decade of marketing and writing experience, we can help both small and large businesses with creative and fun campaigns!

Current advertising options include:

COORDINATED MARKETING CAMPAIGNS: These well-rounded and multi-pronged campaigns are an effective way to reach local readers. Combining articles, social media posts, digital ads, guide and directory listings, and email blasts, your business will receive maximum exposure.

BASIC CAMPAIGNS: For businesses seeking consistent exposure to local families using a featured guide listing, a monthly social media post, and periodic articles, this is a cost-effective way to gain exposure for your business.

GUIDES: Our Guides feature the businesses our readers need year-round, from extracurricular activities to birthday party venues. Comprehensive business information is available 24/7 on our website under both our Guides and Directory sections, and featured regularly in our newsletter.

GIVEAWAYS: Our readers LOVE giveaways, and it's a great way to promote your product or service! Please note that we do have restrictions and requirements for giveaways — we'd be happy to share the details.

E-BLAST: Send a dedicated email focused on your business to our 4,000+ subscribers.

EVENT PROMOTION: Do you have a special community event coming up? Contact us at least four weeks in advance and we can coordinate a widespread event promotion campaign.

PRODUCT, SHOW, FOOD, TRAVEL, & BUSINESS REVIEWS: Parents appreciate hearing from each other about great local businesses and products. As parents and influencers, we love to experience new products and services in the community and share all the good things we learn with our readers.  

EVENTS: We can coordinate an event for you or have your business join us at our annual Preschool Fair and Summer Camp Fair (Both are Virtual during COVID).  

Ready to reach our community of local parents? Partnering with us gives your business greater visibility with a targeted market of hyper-localized families.

Advertising Options

  • Calendar Event Listings
  • Leaderboard Ads
  • Sideboard - Large Banner Ads
  • Business Directory
  • Dedicated E-mail
  • Featured Business Articles
  • Expertise Articles
  • Event Craft or Recipe Sponsorship
  • Slideshow Article
  • Seasonal Guides
  • Non-Profit Spotlight
  • Contests & Giveaways
  • Cross-Promotion/Barter
  • Product, Venue and Show Reviews


Macaroni Kid strives to fit most advertising budgets. Contact the editor for pricing and package options.

Contact Melissa Shrader at to brainstorm ideas.