Robin Hood @ Lincoln Center Fort Collins

Sunday October 15, 2023 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
The Lincoln Center Magnolia Theatre417 W. Magnolia Fort Collins CO 80521
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2 hours


Romance, Swashbuckling, Adventure, its… Robin Hood stealing from the rich and giving to the poor! 

The legend returns and he’s up to his old tricks again in Sherwood Forest, along with a few new ones. Robin fights for freedom…He fights for justice…He fights for those who cannot! But will he succeed? Living in Olde England, with his fun-loving friend Will Scarlett by his side, Robin would prefer to live quietly in the forest, poaching a few of the King’s deer. But the ruthless Sherriff of Nottingham and wicked King John are determined to capture Robin Hood! To protect the people who live there Robin assembles a band of Merry Men; Friar Tuck, Little John, Maid Marian and an assortment of outlaws with the courage to fight for a better life. 

When swords clash, arrows fly, and maidens are menaced, Robin and his band may find that their luck isn’t always so Merry. Robin Hood by Larry Blamire is a combination of many of the legends and ballads told throughout history about heroic Robin Hood’s adventures. The first stories of Robin Hood exist in ballads as early as the 15th century yet still, the heroic story enthralls generations. To bring justice to this age-old tale the Debut Players paid special attention to maintaining historic accuracy by creating props, costumes, and the set, in addition to developing compelling characters. 

The troupe even trained with a local professional Combat Director, Heath Howes, who assisted them in choreographing the action-packed fight scenes throughout the show. This October get ready for swords, bows and arrows, and a whole lot of swashbuckling as you join Debut Theatre Company for their production of Robin Hood. 

A legend the whole family will enjoy, the tale of Robin Hood shows us that with a trusting team, a resilient belief in what is right, and a few good quips anyone can inspire change. Whether you are a longtime fan of Robin Hood or you’ve never heard of it before, you’ll enjoy this fresh take on the classic tale!


ages 5 and up




$10 on sale at The Lincoln Center (970)221-6730 box office

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