Fort Collins Suzuki Violin

1612 Waterford Ln. Fort Collins, CO 80525
Phone: (605)221-1774Email: sonja@fortcollinssuzukiviolin.comWebsite: Visit Website Google Map

Fort Collins Suzuki Violin offers violin lessons that nurture each student as a whole in a loving and supportive environment.  The pedagogical approach is developed around each student's unique needs and learning style, supported equally by teacher and parent.  Admirable human traits such as character, resilience, kindness, and empathy are developed along the path to musical excellence

Business Review

"My daughter was a wiggly 5-year-old when she started taking lessons with Sonja. What I appreciated most about Sonja was she recognized when my daughter needed to move and had her use her whole body to practice by playing games or singing songs to get the music in her ear. Conversely, Sonja acknowledged when my daughter was tired and needed a slower lesson. Sonja always matched my daughter’s energy and tailored the lesson’s pace accordingly. In addition, Sonja knew how to help my daughter stretch her skills without overwhelming her. I really appreciated how Sonja helped us see the bigger picture of playing violin through group lessons, recitals and invitations to the symphony to watch her play. That helped my daughter stay excited about playing the violin because she can envision what the future holds for her!

Angie B., parent

When Carter started violin lessons with Sonja, he had just turned five and had loads of energy and a very short attention span. Sonja welcomed him in with open arms, took him from where he was, which was very much a novice, and was kind, gentle and patient. She always took into account his age and attention span. Over the years, we have watched Carter grow as a musician and we are simply amazed how far he has come in the last six years, from learning how to hold the violin and bow to playing the works of Handel, Weber, Brahms, and Bach. Carter loves the violin, and he always enjoys learning something new from Sonja. Sonja has not only instilled in Carter a passion for music, but she has also taught him perseverance, that attention to detail is important, discipline through regular practice, and listening skills just to name a few. We are grateful for all Sonja has done for Carter and we all value the relationship we have developed over the years in Sonja’s studio.

Abby D., parent"