Har Shalom Preschool

725 W. Drake Rd.Fort Collins , CO 80525
Phone: 970-232-9668
Business Hours: 8:30-5:30 M-F Email: hspk@nocoharshalom.orgWebsite: Visit Website

Har Shalom Preschool is a Jewish, Montessori-Inspired early learning community serving children aged 2.9 through 5 years old. We celebrate diversity and welcome families of all  cultures and backgrounds.

Our Montessori inspired approach honors and supports each child’s learning journey. We compliment the Montessori approach with a combination of research-proven philosophies that include Play-Based, Steam, and inspiration from Reggio Emilia to broaden experiences for our the children in our mixed age groups and their individual learning styles.

Outdoor play is an important part of our day. Children love to imagine and play with their friends on our natural playground and sled on the hills when the outdoors becomes a winter wonderland.

Our approach provides a meaningful multi-age environment brimming with opportunities for hands-on learning and social/emotional growth. Children benefit from naturally learning alongside and from each other as they grow into thoughtful, intentional members of the school community and the larger world.

Our two mixed age preschool classrooms are arranged with care to be an inviting, enriching, non-competitive atmosphere where children are honored by kind, respectful, and educated teachers.

The diversity of our families and teachers creates an inspiring, multicultural environment. Children at Har Shalom enjoy sharing celebrations, family traditions, and cultures with each other. Jewish holidays are celebrated throughout the year filled with fun, age appropriate curriculum and events.

Business Review

"All three of our boys thrived in the HSPK environment; feeling safe, loved, and welcomed. HSPK became our family, and years later, we are still friends with the families from our time at Har Shalom. Our biggest concern was "Would a Montessori-inspired program prepare our learners for the expectations of traditional public school?"" We can answer this with a confident "yes" as our children entered public school knowing how to listen and follow directions, demonstrate above-grade level letter and number knowledge, and excel in character traits that make them good little humans.

Nicki and Mason

Our daughter Sophia attended Har Shalom Preschool and Kindergarten for two years. As a non-Jewish family we were slightly concerned that Sophia was not familiar with any of the Jewish traditions, holidays, etc. Yet, she had enjoyed going to school from day one and probably more so on those “special days” – celebrating Jewish holidays! Although the classroom is fantastic (spacious, well-organized and welcoming), we do think that the teachers are the most important element in educating young people. All teachers at Har Shalom are very, very caring, knowing the needs and preferences for each individual child, providing an amazing loving environment and a unique teaching style!

Pavlina and Mark