Open Arms Christian Preschool

305 E Elizabeth StreetFort Collins, CO 80524
Phone: 970-482-1357
Business Hours: 8:00am - 5:00 pm Monday through FridayEmail: openarms@stjohnsfc.orgWebsite: Visit Website Google Map

"We are a half-day preschool program that follows the Poudre School District schedule and calendar. Our PreK/4&5-year-old class(es) run from 9-noon on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and if offered, we have an afternoon class on the same days from 12:45-3:30. Our Preschool/3-year-old class runs 9-noon on Tuesday/Thursday.

We are a play-based program that uses the Colorado Early Learning and Development Guidelines to inform our curriculum. We use an assessment that aligns with these guidelines as well as an additional assessment to show the children's work and growth to the family. The assessments are used to create our lesson plans and are shared with families at conferences twice per year. The Preschool class focuses on teaching young children to play and cooperate with peers, understanding emotions and how to manage them, learning from other adults, fine and gross motor skills, structure, how to work in groups, and do various other things like how to form a line. :-) The PreK class is full of play-based Kindergarten Readiness activities. Letters, numbers, writing, fine and gross motor, cooperation with peers, compassion, integrity, honesty, following instructions, self-help skills, working in large groups and small groups, science, art, and music are all part of each day. The thing we always hear from our parents is how much they appreciate that their child truly loves school and learning when they leave our program to go to Kindergarten. :-)

This year has looked a bit different than usual, so the following information is based on "normal" times without covid.

We pride ourselves on our authentic "family" environment where not only do the children make new friends, but parents do as well. We have a variety of events where families can meet and get to know one another by working together in a variety of optional volunteer roles. There is also ample time for parents to visit casually at drop off and pick up which is the easiest way to get to know everyone. Our staff is very experienced and open to talk to families at any time regarding their children, parenting tips, or anything where our advice or input may be helpful. We love working with not only the kiddos but also the families. Parenting is no easy job, so with our many years of experience as both teachers and parents ourselves, we are confident in our ability to share whatever we can to help you navigate the role of a parent in today's world.

We take at least one field trip each month in the PreK classes. Parents are always welcome to join us for field trips and in-class visitors. Firefighters and Police come to visit our younger class, but the PreK classes go to the Fire Station and Police Station for field trips. The Rocky Mountain Raptor Program is a regular classroom visitor which we love! The kiddos get to see a large bird (usually an owl) close up in person in their classroom! The one field trip that sets us apart from most all other programs is "My Teacher Sleeps at School". You'll have to ask us about that one. :-)

Other special events we have are holiday fun parties for Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, Easter, and we celebrate every student's birthday. Summer birthdays are celebrated the last week of school so no one misses out. We have Family Thanksgiving Feasts, a beautiful Christmas Program with a reception that follows, visits to Long Term Care living facilities at Christmas time, Polar Express Pajama Party to send us off into Christmas Break, Bike Rodeo, Mother's Day Tea(a staff favorite), our Spring Program with reception, our Friendship/Kindness Party, PreK Graduation celebration, and last day of school picnics for all classes. These events are so much fun and bring everyone together for the good of the children in our care.

We believe it is so important to have healthy relationships with our families since it helps the children grow into the best little Kindergarten humans possible. :) Our authenticity and transparency as a staff creates a very warm and inviting environment where everyone feels welcome. We believe it's important to be flexible, use humor anytime possible, be gracious, kind, and understand that everyone has different needs and is in different seasons of life. We will meet you where you and parents alike. We would welcome you to call for a visit if you're looking for a preschool home!