Mountain Kids

419 East Stuart,Fort Collins, CO 80525
Phone: 970-482-3118
Business Hours: 9:00-6:00Email: info@mountain-kids.comWebsite: Visit Website Google Map

"Mountain Kids Preschool offers three, 1/2 day programs.

The two day program  (Tues/Thurs) is for three-year-olds. They must be three by September 30. Our focus is on socialization and language development. This is a very awakening time for children and we are here to ensure that love and warmth are a part of their daily experience. Stories, introduction to numbers, letters, and colors, lots of questions and answering are part of this program. We sing songs, learn fingerplays and do lots of wiggling between 5 to 10 minutes of focused attention activities. Just learning how to wait for your turn is a difficult skill for this age level to master. Lots of hugs and confidence-building “pats on the back” are integral pieces. A one hour Rainbow Riders gymnastics class is included in the curriculums once a week.

The three day (Mon/Wed/Friday) class is for four-year-olds. They must be four by September 30. This class is appropriate for the child planning on entering a typical kindergarten class the following fall. Our focus is preparation for kindergarten including social skills, letter names and sounds, numbers, colors, shapes, and fine motor skills. Themes are used to coordinate this program and teach concepts such as good health, dinosaurs, plants, etc. We work on focusing for longer periods of time, encourage good listening skills, and following directions. Lots of encouragement and praise is given as these children gain the skills they need for kindergarten.  A  one hour Rainbow Riders gymnastics class is included in the curriculum once a week.

The five day (Monday-Friday)  accelerated program is appropriate for the child who needs more challenging activities or extra practice. Our focus will be even more academic than our three day program.  We will teach letter sounds, beginning phonetic reading, numbers to 20, and beginning addition and subtraction. Themes are used to coordinate this program to teach science, social studies and basic living concepts. This five-day program provides an exciting, fun, and encouraging environment for a very fulfilling day.  It is also appropriate as an enrichment class for morning kindergarteners. A one hour Rainbow Riders gymnastics class is included in the curriculum once per week."

Business Review

"“ My daughter has grown, matured, brightened and is absolutely thriving! Thank you for what you do in our world. You truly make this world a better place and we are eternally grateful!“

“ You have helped bring a passion for learning in both our kids and given them strong guidance to be successful in their future years of education. Thanks for your part in helping us to learn how to support that passion and take it into their futures. We have loved having our kids here and appreciated your balance of following directions, having fun and setting high expectations of behavior.”