First United Methodist Co-Op Preschool

1005 Stover StreetForr Collins, CO 80524
Phone: 970-482-0343Email: preschooldir@fcfumc.netWebsite: Visit Website Google Map

"The First United Methodist Co-op (FUMC) Preschool has provided a high quality, nurturing and professional preschool program for children of the Fort Collins region since 1965. The strength of the FUMC Preschool program, the quality and commitment of our teachers and the involvement of the preschool parents, are the anchors that compel families to return year after year.

Our school is a cooperative preschool. Each family shares in the operation of the school and classroom thus making it truly a cooperative venture. Our school is successfully run with the help of parent participation.

In our preschool classrooms, we strive to create an atmosphere of stimulation, opportunity, and discovery through curriculum planning. This plan provides a developmental and play based approach to the child’s social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual development. Readiness skills in these areas are fostered as the child plays and works with other children. Readiness is what a child does, not something that can be done to him/her. It happens at different stages, different times, and with each child at his/her own pace. Therefore, we plan for developmentally appropriate experiences and provide a wide range of activities, opening the doors for a child to grow.

The preschool will enroll children for the program based on age level and the choice of class days during the week. Classroom enrollment is limited by group size and ages of children. Our maximum class size is 18 for the Pre-Kindergarten classrooms and 16 for the Preschool classrooms. We have a teacher, Classroom aide and 1 parent helper in each class every day to maintain our adult-to-child ratio of 1:6. Children must be three years old by October 1st (Poudre R-1 cutoff date) to enter the Preschool classes and four years old by October 1st to enter the Pre-Kindergarten classes.

Class options:

Pre-K class options:

4 day Pre-K Monday-Thursdays 9:20am-12:20pm

3 day Pre-K Class Monday, Wednesday & Fridays 9:10am-12:10pm

Combo class: Older 3's/ Younger 4's class (great for late summer/early fall birthdays)

3 day combo Class Monday, Wednesday & Fridays 9:10am-12:10pm

Three old class options:

3 day class Monday, Wednesday & Fridays 9am-12pm

2 day class Tuesday & Thursdays 9am-12pm

Each February we begin the registration process for the upcoming school year. Registration involves filing out a registration form and paying the $60 non-refundable registration fee. This registration fee secures your child’s enrollment in the preschool is payable each year per child and does not apply to tuition. Registration begins in three phases:

Phase 1: Current FUMC Preschool Families and FUMC Church Members

Phase 2: FUMC Preschool Alumni

Phase 3: Open Registration to New Families"

Business Review

"This is a wonderful preschool. Parents help out once or twice per month which helps reduce the cost, and it's so fun to be in the classroom with your child! The staff are fantastic and really have what's best for the kids in mind. Very play-centered which research shows is the best academic stimulation for this age group. I would recommend this preschool to any one in a heartbeat!""

— Happy Parent (kd249)

We love being a part of the community at FUMC Preschool! This is our 3rd year at FUMC and we continue to be impressed. The teachers are incredible---compassionate, fun, and genuinely appear to love what they do. The co-op model is a great way to get to know the other kids in the classroom and other families! We highly recommend FUMC Preschool!!"