Empowering Special Parents

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My goal is the same as yours! To see your child(ren) reach their full social/emotional, academic, and behavioral potential. 

To receive appropriate intervention and services to support within all learning environments. 

Collaboration with myself, your family, and the school to provide the best supports for your kiddo. Let’s be honest, for some families special education can be overwhelming and confusing at times, and scary. It’s scary sitting at a table with a plethora of specialists discussing your child’s deficits. Simultaneously knowing your kiddo is very capable! We just need to see how to best provide direct special education services and/or accommodations to see their success.

Business Review

“Renée is amazing she helped my family talk to the school about getting my son some help. She explained different guidelines and why it takes what felt like forever to get him some help. She helped the school with ideas of how to support him with his behavior, that helped him .” Brissa