Kidtopia Preschool

1920 Oakwood Dr.Fort Collins, CO 80525
Phone: 970-817-4694
Business Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 12:30 pmEmail: kidtopiapreschool@gmail.comWebsite: Visit Website Google Map

Kidtopia is a Reggio inspired preschool program that incorporates a blend of Waldorf and Montessori principles.  We view children as competent, curious, and full of potential. 

The children take the lead in this program, as they propose ideas, make choices, develop and test hypotheses.  The teacher closely observes and listens, asks leading questions, and helps to further that exploration.  

Our approach is cooperative and conversational.  Early impressions of learning are incredibly important.  Children deserve a safe, beautiful space where they are encouraged to follow their curiosity and joy. 

All materials will be as open-ended as possible to expand creativity and build problem-solving skills.  We will build social skills, such as listening, and conflict resolution, as we engage in our projects and activities. Rather than having our children focus on memorization and duplication, we will encourage reflective, critical thinking skills through imaginative play.

Business Review

I sent both of my kiddos to this amazing preschool. The mutual respect, kindness, and playfulness of this environment makes learning and character building so much fun. I watched my bashful daughter blossom into a self-confident and eager leader. My more adventurous one thrived into an eager explorer of science and art projects and responsible citizen of her beloved community. She started putting her toys away at home without being asked! Both were Kindergarten ready and gained a life-long love of learning. -Janie Ledet

Miss Kelly is an amazing teacher! She’s open, warm, and full of joy. Her play-based style of teaching is wonderfully supportive of each child’s unique personality.

Both of my children like the school—the toys and books and sensory table—but they LOVE Kelly. And my 1-year-old isn’t even her student!

Take a tour with your child; I bet s/he will instantly connect with Kelly, too. -Torina Dachel"