Fort Collins Preschool

1200 S Taft Hill RdFort Collins, CO 80521
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"Fort Collins Preschool is a unique parent-involved preschool where families work together in a professionally guided preschool program and parents participate in their children’s early education. With the training and guidance of our skilled and experienced teachers, parents participate in the classroom about twice a month. Parents share their talents and skills in the classroom, creating a reassuring, warm and fun learning environment.

The mission of Fort Collins Preschool is to provide a supportive and loving first group learning experience. Fun, stimulating activities encourage social growth and enhance cognitive, perceptual and motor skills. Activities at the preschool are designed to meet the developmental needs of each child and offer the child choices in creative use of materials and time spent at each activity.

Parent education is a secondary mission of Fort Collins Preschool. Some of this education takes place directly: invited speakers, a parent library, a monthly newsletter. But much adult learning takes place indirectly, by virtue of being in the classroom under the guidance a trained preschool educator. Positive parenting skills are modeled and reinforced. We have found our preschool a learning experience for children and parents alike. In addition, strong friendships between families in the preschool often flourish and provide the additional support so necessary to parents raising young children."

Business Review

"I’m very glad that we chose Fort Collins Preschool for our daughter because it is a co-op style school. Being able to participate as a teach parent on a rotating basis gives me a chance to see the teacher, students, and learning in action. It is a wonderful way to transition my child into a school environment, while being able to share the experience with her. She loves it when it is Mommy or Daddy’s “turn” to go to school with her! I love being able to see for myself how much she has grown and learned throughout the school year firsthand– by comparing my first few teach parent days to those at the end of the year. – Intermediate Parent

As a family that has spent almost four years with Fort Collins Preschool, we couldn’t recommend a better school for children and their families. The child-centered philosophy that focuses on learning through play has served our children well and confidently prepared them for Kindergarten. Mrs. Bonnema is a hidden gem in the world of Early Childhood Education! We valued our time spent in the classroom as parents, the familes we met, and the whole experience of a cooperative preschool! – The Quinn Family"