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Is someone you love struggling to keep up in school, work, or life? Are you? It has been an honor for us to provide cognitive training for many children and adults in the Fort Collins area, and we would love to be of service to you, too. Our life changing programs train the cognitive skills the brain uses to think and learn. To find out more about LearningRx brain training, please give us a call, drop in for a visit, or email us at
Why not find out what LearningRx can do for you or someone you love? The first step is scheduling a Cognitive Skills Assessment to discover if any weak cognitive skills might be making life harder than it needs to be. Call us today to get started!
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How is LearningRx cognitive training different from online brain training games?
The difference is in our unique personal trainer approach. The face-to-face nature of the training relationship allows LearningRx cognitive trainers to do three critical things:
      focus on results by customizing each training session and encouraging clients to work past their comfort levels.
      focus on attitude by challenging clients to recognize and pursue their potential, learning to see failure not as something to be avoided at all costs, but as a temporary stepping stone to greater success.
     focus on confidence by encouraging struggling children and adults to engage, embrace challenges, recognize improvements, and celebrate gains.
Is cognitive training similar to tutoring?
Not at all. While both are effective, cognitive training and tutoring are actually different solutions to different problems.
From kindergarten through grad school, students typically struggle because of one of two problems:
New information wasn’t grasped because it was presented poorly (or missed entirely)
Weak cognitive skills are making it hard to grasp new information (even when it is presented well)
Tutoring works on the first problem; LearningRx cognitive training works on the second.