Your Homeschool Child Can L.E.A.P. Into Next Year Strong

2024-2025 School Year Registration Now OPEN

March 4, 2024

LEAP Adds A Ton Of Value Added to Homeschool Day!

If your homeschool family, is like our homeschool family, your always looking for something to add value to your families educational journey. 

TSD LEAP Homeschool Enrichment program may be a perfect fit for you. 

They offer a wide variety of classes for Kindergarten through 12.  

These classes are enrichment classes that add to and enforce what we teach at home. They also open new doors to learning things that may not be easily offered at home. 

Science classes such as Genetics, Astronomy, Zoology, can be too expensive to hold at home. They are offered in a way that all kids can enjoy the classes. 

Language Arts are supported through classes that delve into fact, fiction and open the imagination while reinforcing basics of essay, speach, and other foundational practices. English lit, Hero or Villain, Democracy 101, and Oral Communication are just a few of these classes. 

Other classes offered at LEAP include P.E., Cooking, Crochet, National Parks, 3 dimensional art, Folk Dancing, History (Medievil, Colorado), and Music. These enrichment programs add to  your homeschool curriculum to create a complete portfolio for your kids. 

The classes LEAP offers, aren't just classes, they are created and taught by teachers who are passionate about the subjects they offer. New classes are offered every year alongside the staple classes.

LEAP is great for kids Kindergarten through 12. 

They have a great Kindergarten program the covers author study, all about the world around me, insects and plants, art, and music. 

For the older students there are engaging classes and opportunities to take college classes.  Classes at AIMS and Front Range Community College are available to start your teen's journey.

Curriculum Library

One secret that I love about LEAP is the availability to borrow curriculum from their Curriculum Library. 

You can check out resources like a library to use for the year. Curriculum resources like Math U See, Literacy at Work, Science a Closer Look, Story of the World, and Atelier Art for example. These resources are available to check out and return at the end of the year for grades K-12. 

Spring Program

Another favorite of ours is the Spring program. Each grade holds a fun performance for families to enjoy every spring. 


Families are encourage to volunteer for lunch and recess duty. It's a great way to say hi to your kids and meet fellow parents, school staff, and your kids friends! 

Teachers and students alike truly love LEAP. 

“LEAP is the best kept secret in Thompson School District,” according to Noland Eastin, P.E. teacher at Thompson School District’s Homeschool enrichment program.  

Student's love LEAP so much they don't want to miss a day, even a snow day. 

Are you curious about LEAP? You can bring your child to experience a day at LEAP in person to see if this may be something that might fit your homeschool family. 

If you would like to find out more about LEAP email or call Miss Miki. 

Mrs. Miki Shockley 

TSD LEAP Site Coordinator/Administrator


2024 - 2025 Registration Open

About LEAP

L.E.A.P. (Loveland/Berthoud Enrichment Access Program) is a tuition-free, part-time, publicly funded enrichment program sponsored by Thompson School District for homeschooled students. Students attend one day per week and enjoy classes taught by state licensed teachers, hands-on activities, and friendships with other home school children. 

We meet at 2525 Van Buren Ct., Loveland, CO 80538. 

Choose either Wednesday or Thursday for your homeschooled student. Class days begin at 8:15am and ends at 3:30pm.

Curriculum for use in the home is available from our lending library for those enrolled.

2024 - 2025 Registration Open

Check out what our families and staff have to say about LEAP:

“If I didn’t love it and believe in what we do here, I wouldn’t still be here after 17 years!” -Miki, Site Coordinator

“Our family loves LEAP, [including] the variety of fun and educational classes and the guarantee that our kids get to spend time with friends each week. The teachers and staff all go above and beyond to make sure our kids are learning while having fun!” –Melissa, LEAP parent

“ LEAP has such a family feel; the staff left lasting impressions on my life. Could not recommend it more.” –Leighanne, attended LEAP grades 2-12

“This is definitely the best experience with teachers I’ve ever had.” –Rafa, LEAP student

2024 - 2025 Registration Open