Little Lab, The Best Little Preschool and Child Care in Town!

By Ernie Batson Owner Little Lab Preschool October 30, 2023

Welcome to Little Lab Preschool and Child Care; 

the best little preschool and child care in town! 

What makes us the best? 

Children get a well-rounded experience between learning, playing, social experiences, and just plain old hanging out with their friends. 

What does a day at Little Lab Look Like?

Children bring their own lunches so families can supply the food they want; no nuts or peanut butter. We’re really great at warming up food in our microwave and terrible cookers.

At nap time children need a bed sheet, blanket, pillow (if they want), and, of course, the all important stuffy. If they don’t want to nap, they get 30 minutes of quiet time and then they can read books.

We believe that children in our care need a bit of learning because at this age they are ready to learn. By using Science and Math, we are giving children a chance to use some cool scientific tools to make discoveries in their world and to ask the most important question “What if I……..?” We believe this is helping children develop those critical thinking, problem solving, and literacy skills necessary for a well rounded developmental experience. Mornings are our learning time and afternoons are all about social time.

With all this said, we’re talking about young children and everything is done developmentally appropriate. Children at this age think they are world class scientists while using their pipets, magnifying glasses, balance scales, rulers, and more. The most important piece is that children are having fun and learning at the same time.

Just some FAQ's

We are open 6:30a-5:30p Monday through Friday and we offer full day/part day care and UPK; we accept CCCAP. 

Who are the Owners? 

The proud owners of Little Lab are Ernie Batson, M.A. and Mary Batson, M.Ed. Together they have devoted their lives to learning about young children, how they learn, and how to introduce Science and Math to the early learner. They have been providing early childhood Science and Math programs since 2002 first at The Learning House and now with Little Lab. Science is just a great way to get children interested in learning!

Little Lab opened in August 2019 and we are ready to grow! If you’re looking for a child care, preschool, or a UPK program that gives children a chance to do some Science and Math as well as some good old-fashioned play, check us out. Great staff, great owners, and great children!