Publisher's Note: How Do You Show Friends & Family You Care?

We Have A Few Ideas To Show The Love.

By Melissa Shrader Editor Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid July 24, 2023

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How do you make your friends and family feel special? There are so many reasons to take the time to show them how special they are to us but how do you show you care? 

Do your kids show friends how much they care? 

How do you show your kids you love them and how do they show you the love? 

We have a few ideas of how to show the love, that work with everyone. 

Snail Mail or handwritten note - Everyone loves a hand written note. Make your recipient feel like they are heard, appreciated, and valued. Then create and decorate the card yourself. There’s something about one that’s handmade with love. Use colored paper, watercolors, wildflowers add sewing touches or sparkles. 

Show Affection - Parents and young kiddos love hugs, kisses and physical touch. Tweens, teens tend to like other ways of showing affection. Touch is the most basic form of communication among humans. Holding a hand or putting your arm around a shoulder is a great way to show you care. FYI, make sure the "touch" is ok before you attempt it. 

Do Nice Things - Find something to help them with. Help with the dishes, bring in groceries, etc. Find something specific they need help with and give them a hand. 

Take Them Someplace Special - Grab your friend or family member and surprise them by taking them someplace special! Someplace that's special to both of you or someplace new that you can create a new special memory.

Give Them Some Space - Sometimes people just need room. And that can be the best gift of all. Listen to hear what they are saying and what they actually need. 

Be Close and Listen - Listening is also a special way to show someone you care. 

Create A Video Telling Them How Special They Are - Memories are a great way to show someone you care. Create a quick video showing some fun times and some sweet times then send it with a special note. 

Create a Scrapbook of A Special Time - Like a handwritten letter, a scrapbook is a special way to show someone you care. Gather some pictures, get some scrapbook pages assemble them with a theme and voila! You have an instant message of caring. 

Take Your Special Talent And Share It With Them - If you can sing write a song and sing it for them. If you can draw, draw something meaningful or fun for them. If you can cook, make something delectable for them. If you can write, create a story about them. Be as creative as you can think to be. 

Go On An Adventure - Surprise your friend or family member with a quick trip to an ice cream shop or another city or state! Make a day of simple locations. Start with a breakfast, then a museum, then a park, then a special treat and/or lunch. Be imaginative and think of what the recipient would love. 

Have a Dinner/Picnic - Make a special meal, take your friend/family to a beautiful location, and just sit and enjoy each others company. Bring games or other fun if you like. 

Just Say Hi - Sometimes just being acknowledged is enough to pick up their spirits. A simple hello, and a sweet smile can make a day or a week.  

Reminisce or Create a New Memory - Sit with your friend or family member and just take the time to reminisce. Listen and take it all in. Especially elderly friends and family love to discuss their youth. We should listen and learn. It's a great treasure what they can pass along. 

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