Publishers Note: Happy 4th of July. We Love FUN!

By Melissa Shrader Editor Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid July 3, 2023

Memories of Fun on the 4th! 

What is your first memory of your children's first 4th of July? 

 I remember our baby laying on her blanket in the backyard shaded under our locust tree smiling and laughing. She was dressed in her first holiday dress, white decorated with firework trim red and blue around the bottom edge and collar of her dress. Her first 4th of July was simple and included flashy lights, and just a few poppers. Bedtime was much earlier then too. LOL! 

Fun comes in all kinds of ways. Now our July 4th celebration resonates with explosions (all safe) of ground flowers, sparklers (writing our names and other words with the light is still a hit), smoke bombs, and shimmering city fireworks. It's much more grand and the nights seem to zip by.

Fun comes in all ways and in all intensities. That's what it's all about. Enjoying the holiday as you like, and be mindful of how others want to celebrate their independence day too. 

What is your most treasured 4th of July memory? Have you made it yet, or is the best yet to come? 

The best most indelible memories incorporate deep feelings. 

Take some time or make some time to be with those you love and create the memories that will be with you all for a lifetime. 


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