Fort Collins Circus Center Is Flexible Fun For The Whole Family

July 3, 2023

The Fort Collins Circus Center (FC3 for short) has some spectacular months approaching including sunshine-filled summer camps, classes for both adults and children and events that will be available to the public.

 Please join us in celebrating the magic of the circus! Whether you are seeking a new adventure, a way to stay active or a place for your inner child (or your actual child) to let go through creative expression, we have the community for you!

Join us on July 8th from 5:30-8 pm for our kickoff event this summer at the annual Circus in the Park! which will bring the circus to the community! We will have two aerial rigs and performances from our Artistic Director, Coolie Julie as well as Evo Cirque, FC3’s youth troupe! They are a dedicated circus troupe that performs around the city. They are learning to create, collaborate, and manage money in the process. We encourage all to join and meet the founders, staff, and students behind the Fort Collins Circus Center. 

Summer camps are putting kids into motion! Whether in the air dancing with the help of fabrics, a lyra, a trapeze, or on the ground spinning hoops, juggling, balancing on the stilts and learning to dismount a unicycle, FC3 campers are learning to be agents of spectacle! In summer camp, kids learn to be creative through a variety of movement styles and teamwork. Additionally, campers learn the importance of keeping themselves and others safe when learning circus arts. 

If this is the first you are hearing about summer camps at FC3, and you think it would be the right fit for your child or teen, we may still have space available! You can make an account on Dance Studio Pro to explore both summer camps, classes, and other events.

Additionally, we have an array of summer classes to explore. If you know what you want to do, you can register for the full session. If you would like to try different classes, we have virtual punch cards available. We offer classes for all ages because it is never too late to learn something new. Not only do we specialize in circus arts and finding creativity through physicality, we also define ourselves as a non-traditional gym.

If you never clicked with the fitness scene, we may be what you are looking for. Join us to gain agency in how you move your body, because there are so many wonderful ways to do it! Whether you would like to explore a beginner class, become more flexible, or take a conditioning class, we have many options to define what circus strong means to you.