How to stay safe at The Stampede, what to know before you go

By KRISTIN GOLLIHER CEO & Founder WildRock PR & Marketing® June 28, 2023

As you know, Greeley Stampede is the talk of the town right now. 

As a sponsor of the event and provider of onsite medical services for many years, Banner paramedics and EMTs have seen it all. From rodeo contestants with serious head injuries to spectators with severe dehydration, the highly attended, high-stakes event can bring many challenges for first responders but according to Andrea Tillinghast, assistant chief and EMT with Global Medical Response (GMR) (the world’s largest medical transportation company and contractor for Banner), sunscreen and water would solve a lot of problems for their team. “Heat is a challenge,” she said. “In the past, some days were 100 degrees or more. We recommend sunscreen and water.”

Attendees can bring one 20 oz., or smaller, sealed water bottle or one empty non-glass water bottle that can be filled inside the event grounds. There will also be several sunscreen stations so attendees can reapply throughout the day.

To cover such a large area, Banner medical staff will be patrolling on a Gator utility vehicle. The Greeley Fire Department will also have a Gator staffed with paramedics and EMTs. If needed, attendees can flag down a Gator for assistance or visit the new first aid trailer sponsored by Banner.

“If you see us zooming around on the Gator with our lights on and blaring our siren, please move aside,” Yvette Tapia, GMR EMT, says. “The Gator is our emergency vehicle; it allows us to get to where we are needed quickly.”