Publisher's Note: Happy Memorial Day! Make The Most Of Your Time.

By Melissa Shrader Editor Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid May 29, 2023

Hello and Welcome! 

It's that time of year again! 

Time we get our kids for about 3 months to have unlimited fun and to catch up on anything we think we need to educationally, emotionally, and/or spiritually address. 

Make the most of this summer. 

Find something fun to do each week. Backyard scavenger hunts for kids, sensory tubs for littles, soap boat contests for tweens, baking competitions, just listening to stories, or even writing stories with your teens. Something specific to your kiddos is the key. What makes them tick? Do something specific to their interests and strengths. This summer we can build up their confidence, and their skills. Make them feel more in charge, more heard and more loved. Don't get bogged down in "fixing" what we perceive as broken or wrong. Do things they are good at and help them hone their skills. Try something new and find a hidden strength. This summer is a great time to build them up. 

Something I discovered. 

Kids are awesome! They don't fit in a box. They need to feel heard, loved, and empowered. They also need to know that they don't have to match everyone around them. They are ok the way they are. 

Just because. 

Don't go overboard if your kid is behind somehow. Remember that not all kids develop at the same rate, nor do they all fit into the box. Lastly kids loose confidence thinking that they aren't enough. That there is more that is expected in ways that they can't deliver. Yes, Kids should have goals, be pushed a bit, but not in ways that makes them feel "less". Just because someone says something is wrong doesn't mean there is. It's all perspective. Make sure that everyone's perspective is not "against" but "for" your kiddo. 


Make sure to have fun. That's what summer is all about! Recharge and renew for the next school year. for both you and your kids. 

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Stay safe, Stay healthy, Live, Love and Be Fierce, 

Melissa Shrader 

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