Delicious Delights: Our Favorite Fort Collins & NOCO Donut Shops

Celebrate Donut Day June 2 by visiting one of these locally owned shops!

By Melissa Shrader Editor Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid May 29, 2023

Donut Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by indulging in the divine delectable donuts offered by Fort Collins, Timnath & NoCo locally-owned donut shops? 

Have you been to all of the locally owned donut shops in Northern Colorado? Join us on a delightful donut journey through Northern Colorado ... plus we brought the jokes!

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Why did the donut go to the dentist? 
(Answer below!)

FOCO DOCO (Fort Collins Donut Company)

215 N College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524

We have to start the list with FOCO DOCO at the Exchange. These machine made to order gems have staple flavors and some unique flavors too. Tuesday is Gluten Free ALL Day! Vegan everyday Except Tuesday. Don't forget your coffee! They have a full Expresso Bar, Drip coffee and cold brew. Check out their menu here.

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How do you know if a donut is feeling sad or tired? 
(Answer below!)

LaMar's Donuts & Coffee

1101 W Drake Rd., Suite A-1, Fort Collins, CO 80526

140 E Boardwalk Dr., Unit K, Fort Collins, CO 80525

Two locations to choose from to get your morning started off special. Handmade artisan donuts and freshly roasted and brewed coffee. 100 varieties to choose from! 

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What happened to the donut who played golf?

(Answer below!)

Backyard Bird Donut & Chicken


Delicious Vegan donuts 100% from scratch, organic flour, hand crafted. So it's lunchtime and you want something sweet. There's Ice Cream Donut sandwiches, Donut sundae's, Donut Bread Pudding too. These are a perfect to end a great chicken lunch which you can get here too. Not up for donuts for breakfast? Have a chicken sandwich. Enjoy the Hangover (sandwich) or biscuits & gravy. Enjoy a chick & donut sandwich if you can't decide. You will find something delicious to enjoy. 

Is anyone's stomach growling yet? Just me? 

Support our Northern Colorado -owned donut shops on Donut Day — they not only will fill that "hole" you've had in your stomach, but you can also feel good about supporting one of Northern Colorado's  small businesses that make Northern Colorado so special.


Duck Donuts in Johnstown is offering a free Cinnamon Sugar Donut in-shop, no purchase necessary.

Dunkin Donuts is offering a free donut with the purchase of any drink. 

KRISPY KREME® is offering Any Doughnut FREE and $2 Original Glazed® Dozen BOGO.

Lemar's Donuts is celebrating in grand style! They will give away free Ray’s Original Glazed donuts to all customers visiting our stores. LaMar’s locations will also host giveaways throughout the day, featuring fun prizes and sweet treats.


Happy Donut Day from Macaroni KID Fort Collins!

Joke answers: 

Why did the donut go to the dentist? Because it needed a chocolate filling! How do you know if a donut is feeling sad or tired? Its eyes glaze over.  What happened to the donut who played golf? He got a hole-in-one!