Bow Wow! It’s National Rescue Dog Day May 20th.

By Melissa Shrader Editor Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid May 15, 2023

American’s love dogs. 

During the pandemic, shelters couldn’t keep pets of any kind for very long, but dogs were the top pick. 23 million American households, nearly 1 in 5 nationwide, adopted a pet during the pandemic. Even President Biden adopted a new pup, Commander.

We found our fur baby Jolene (JoJo for short) just before the pandemic began. Personally, the pandemic would have been lonely without her in our lives.

JoJo came from Texas and had been in a kill shelter. That’s where Scroungy Dog and Pretty Pups Rescue found her and brought her and her dog family to Loveland CO. She was still a pup, an older puppy, but not quite a dog yet. She seemed to be pretty jumpy and had an aversion to loud trucks, and men with facial hair and hats. Today, She’s a very sensitive pup (dog), incredibly playful, and full of love. She wakes up in a great mood and elevates the mood in our home. She’s been a great addition to our family and she’s not the first rescue pup we’ve owned.

We know that we can find a great match for our family by going through a rescue.

JoJo has been a wonderful addition to our family, and we couldn’t imagine our lives without her.

In 2020 53% of pet parents brought home dogs, 32% brought home cats, and 14% brought home both. Of those 40% adopted from a shelter/rescue and 24% adopted from another home, while 26 % of pet parents got their fur babies from breeders.

If you are looking for a pet, Scroungy Dogs and Pretty Pups Rescue, Inc. has cats too. They bring animals from kill shelters to foster homes and place the animals into homes of loving pet parents in Northern Colorado and anywhere they can find the perfect match for pet and person.

If you can’t adopt a pet, you can foster, volunteer, or support local rescues and shelters through donations.

There are many wonderful shelter’s, Adoption groups throughout the country and several here in Northern Colorado.

Celebrate your shelter pup with some great puppy treats!