12 Ways to Make Learning Fun For All Ages 0-99

By Melissa Shrader Editor/Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid September 12, 2022

There are certain things that create literacy, cognitive connection, and love of learning, and for babies, kids, tweens, teens, adults and Grandparents alike.

It's amazing that these few things help all ages and are so simple to implement. 

  • Reading at any age promotes literacy and created connections in the brain.
  • Label everything. Making a label will help keep cognitive abilities for older individuals as well as helping younger kids learn words and meanings.
  • Music and songs. These are enjoyable at any age and help literacy and cognitive ability at any age.
  • Talking. Yes talking in a normal voice and with normal inflection teaches children to regulate their voices and creates respect for all ages.
  • Counting and basic math. Keeps the conections poppin! It allows for reasoning and problem solving - not just math but in everyday situations.
  • Creating in the Kitchen. From young children to grandparents. Keeping active in the kitchen is a great way to read, do math, talk and just have fun creating, being artistic.
  • Board games (puzzles & any game at all really). This teaches so much to young children, created connection with family for teens and keeps the synapses snapping in older individuals.
  • Walking! Is a time for everyone to learn about nature, observe nature and be with each other. This in itself creates learning, longevity and stimulates neurons, muscles and more.
  • Talking about events in time and life. It's like storytelling from real life. It helps with memory, connection and can give insight to emotions, history and more.
  • Try to Keep clutter to a minimum (Mom's the struggle is real!). Putting things up opens space for creativity.
  • Follow your passions. Everyone is passionate about something. Following these passions will keep your mind strong and create life long learners.