A Note From The Publisher: Happy Father's Day To The Dads In My Life

By Melissa Shrader Editor/Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid June 13, 2022


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It's Father's Day this Sunday the 19th. We love celebrating dads. 

I found this definition of Dad online and love it. 

Dad: (noun) 

one who provides, protects, inspires, encourages and loves his children with all his heart. 

This one is wonderful too. 

Dad (Noun) 

1. Father, guardian, provider, protector, friend. 

2. Teacher, mentor, inspiration, listener, best hug giver. 

3. Sports fanatic, fixer upper, handy man, mower man, taxi, bank, and chef. 

4. Tough on the outside, soft in the middle. 

5. Best Dad you could ask for. 

Let me tell you about 4 dads in my life. 

My dad. Vern. He is a wonderful man. He might not know this but he has shown me how to be diplomatic, strong, patient, and loving. The many things he's gone through and the way he has handled them have shown me what grace is. 

My Father in law. Joe. He's literally fallen and couldn't get up. He broke his pelvis on both sides. So, effectively the whole pelvis was damaged a few years ago. He was very active and nothing could slow him down. This really hasn't either. He isn't able to move like he used to but he is still active in other ways. He has shown me that when you are broken you don't have to stop. You don't have to give up. You can push on. Just modify to live a full life. 

My husband. Dan. He is resilient like no one I know. He has bad days, but he never shows the wear and tear. He's not super human, but he is strong. He does have his moments, but he never lets things get the better of him. He bounces back quickly and makes us all feel safe, secure, loved, and most importantly he makes our daughter laugh (me too).  

My grandpa. Tom. He passed away in 2012. He left so many wonderful memories. He was and will always be the most important "dad" in my life. He was the strongest, smartest, kindest, sternest, and most loving of all the Dad's in my life. He showed love to each family member in a way that fit each specifically. He could read someone and know just what they needed. If they needed tough love, kindness, or simply a hug. He just knew it. He would tell the worst (best) dad jokes. He was amazing. 

I've been blessed with some wonderful Dad's in my life. How about you? 

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