Publisher's Note: What's Up This Week? Don't Forget Your Valentine!

By Melissa Shrader Editor Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid January 31, 2022


Last week was a blast on Facebook! We had a bunch of great businesses and Preschools we featured AND we have more this week! Don't miss out. Pop in and see some inside info on these great places. We also have MORE in our guide. We will continue to have preschool related articles throughout the month of February too. 

We will go back to having articles for all ages this week. We have some great boredom breakers, Celebrating Chinese New Year, and making a homemade snow globe. 


Life gets so busy that we sometimes forget something and occasionally someone. We plan the big things and we get the important gifts but on occasion we either don't have the time of the funds to do something grand. I've resorted to giving a card and a kiss. There isn't anything wrong with this. I discovered a long time ago that adding something special to this gives it a new life. 

I've added home made love coupons.

 Anyone can make them and they can be made for kids, significant other and parents. 

  • Just pick out some colorful construction paper, stickers, colored pencils or crayons and some creativity. 
  • Cut the construction paper in a rectangle any size you like. Make several pages the same size. I've done hearts and other shapes too. Just choose something fun. 
  • Think of the things that your special someone likes. Ice cream, back rubs, a date night (which works for father daughter, mother son and of course for significant others). 
  • Pick a few things you special person likes and write the coupons out on the construction paper. 
  • Then add stickers, color them and decorate them how you like. 
  • Finally put them together. You can punch holes in a corner and use ribbon to tie them together with a bow. Or you can staple them together.

  These are fun for any holiday but they make Valentines special. 

I also add messages to my someone special throughout the house. 

Just get a sticky note and write something special about them and post the message someplace they will notice them. I try to find valentine inspired sticky notes but yellow works just fine too. You don't need anything special to show those you love how much they are loved.

If you have the time I love this idea.

I've put hearts on my daughters door every year. 

Each note has something I love about her, something she does well, something she does that I'm proud of. Nothing but positive. I do it everyday from Feb. 1st till the 14th. Since COVID started I've just left the hearts up for the last couple years and the door is almost full! It gives her something to look at and think about when she's feeling down. It helps her remember that we love her and she does some wonderful things she should be proud of.  

Any of these things can be done last minute too. 

You don't have to do a heart a day on your kiddos' bedroom door or significant other's closet door. You can do it all Valentines day sometime. It's a wonderful surprise to see all the hearts and everything that is special about them is recognized and appreciated. 

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