By Mike Winchel Owner/Director LearningRx Fort Collins November 24, 2021

Every year LearningRx puts together a shopping list parents can use for brain-boosting gifts and games during the holiday season.

LearningRx has vetted these games as items that align with LearningRx's brain training values and ideals and focus on the underlying core cognitive skills that help us learn and perform daily. Skills like; attention, memory, auditory processing, visual processing, logic, and processing speed. Each skill has a unique purpose, and when they are all strong and working together in harmony, they can help us reach our fullest potential.

At LearningRx, we have developed our exercises that are game-like to grow these skills. We believe that brain training should be fun, and these games and toys listed in the Smart Moms Toybox are like a mini version of the exercises you can experience through brain training. Although they cannot fully replace a truly customized brain training program, they are definitely gifts and toys that have a cognitive element.

We know the holiday shopping season this year may be crippled by shipping disruptions and more, and so we made sure these game and toy ideas were affordable and easy to find. Some of the items on our list are simple classic toys and games, but did you ever think about the brain benefits from these simple toys?

For example, Rubik's Cubes have been around for over 40 years, yet this toy continues to capture people's attention. This toy is widely available, and its problem-solving and colorful components make it an excellent toy for boosting visual processing skills. Kids will have to visualize what will happen when the squares move and get each side to match with colors. If you plan to gift something like an electronic or a new rideable toy like a bike or skateboard, then a Rubik's Cube may be an excellent stocking stuffer.

Another item in our Smart Moms Toybox is the game SET. This game has been around for years, and it can boost logic and reasoning skills. You win SET by making the most sets and you create sets by finding three cards with shapes and patterns that have something in common. Sometimes the only common element is that all the shapes and patterns on the cards are different. Players will have to determine similarities and use logic and reasoning skills to find the sets. Certain LearningRx brain training programs play a variation of SET that advances to higher levels.

Rubik's Cube and SET are just two items included in our Smart Moms Toybox that we believe are brain-boosting and fun. Download the document for more holiday gift ideas that might be a little out of the box but full of brain-boosting potential.

Download LearningRx's 2021 Smart Mom's Toybox.

If you or a family member would like to advance their cognitive skills beyond games at home, look into a LeaningRx Fort Collins brain training program. Our programs are tailored made to your brain and work on the skills that may be holding you back. Reach out to a center near you today or fill out our contact us form on our site.

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