Publisher's Corner: Spring, Hope and Celebrations.

By Melissa Shrader Editor/Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid April 6, 2021


I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend! 

We are so excited about the upcoming events that are coming our way slowly but surely.  

If you've had some tree damage you are not alone. We lost some very large branches off our Cherry tree. It was so sad to see them on the ground. However, like everything in spring, there is a chance for regrowth and rebirth. The blossoms on our Cherry tree are beginning to form, and with those buds, comes the promise of some great cherries this year despite having fewer branches. 

This spring brings another hope as well. With the vaccinations, it looks like we will be on our way to getting back to some semblance of normalcy way sooner than any other pandemic in history. 

We had the ability to define and create and test a vaccination within months not years. It's truly amazing. 

This is history in the making. 

Not only this but all things Mars

The discoveries we are making just simply with having the rovers and now the new helicopter! NASA is able to map out things like wind, and new views of Mars. They just named a new hill, The helicopter survived it's first night in the freezing temperatures on it's own successfully. I'm excited to see what else they will be reporting back. 

We have a ton of birthdays this month (well 5 actually).  It's a tough decision. Do you have a live in-person event if everyone has their vaccinations for the older kids or do you hold off and still do virtual? For younger kids do you still do drive-by birthdays? We are currently following COVID guidelines and protocols until Govenor Polis and Dr. Fouchi tells us to do otherwise. 

What are you looking forward to this spring? What do you hope returns this summer that you missed last summer? 

What are we up to?

We will be having a Virtual Summer Camp Fair each month for one week.

The calendar is slowly beginning to repopulate with in-person events and we will keep virtual events too. Many of the usual events we would normally see this year have been canceled or reimagined and will not resume again till next year. Keep an eye out I will be verifying events asap and regularly. 

We will update you as we get information. Most updates will happen on Facebook and here. 

Online Events and Gatherings that are open to all are welcome on our calendar.

 Do you have a virtual class, A virtual event, Something fun for everyone? 

 Post it on our calendar at

Don't forget to check out Facebook too for other events that have been popping up randomly since the State has changed the Stay at home quarantine to the Safer at home guideline.

If you have other things you want to see Mac Kid do drop me an email. If you want to partner with Mac Kid I'd love to hear from you.

Remember with any event, If the weather looks questionable, - Always check in with the event itself to be sure the event is still on! You can email me as well. ESPECIALLY IN SPRING AND FALL. Now that COVID has come please comply with the COVID guidelines requested by each establishment and organizer. If you have a question about their policies please contact them directly. COVID Guidelines change regularly too so be sure to make sure that an event is still compliant and that it is not canceled.  We will update events regularly however we can't catch everything. 

If you have the newsletter you only have part of the fun! I post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram with holiday and everyday crafts, recipes, special offers, contests, news, and new events. (see the tabs on the right or at the bottom to visit the social site) 

Wishing you Love, Light, and fun for the week (and your life) ahead! 

Stay safe, Stay healthy, Love, Live and Be Fierce for what you believe, 

Melissa Shrader 

Editor and Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid

 Please feel free to contact me with questions suggestions.

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