Mom’s Unite, Solutions For Our Children’s Modern-day Struggles.

By Melissa Shrader Editor/Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid February 15, 2021

We all have experienced that moment when our kids look so frustrated and just meltdown. They’ve been trying to get some concept in math or just read something and get it to stick and, well, it’s not. They are frustrated and they don’t know why it’s so hard. We don’t know why either. We have an idea but, everything we’ve tried hasn't worked. 

Terha Watterson has the answer. She’s spent years working on this and has found out something amazing. She knows what the effects of too much screen time/gaming, isolation, and lack of activity can do to kids. 

Did you know…

As our brain develops, it creates new neuro-pathways that are grown by thoughts. These neuropathways look like trees (ideally) in the brain. The stronger and bigger the neuropathway is, the easier it is to learn and retain information. 

Have you seen the moment your child has an Ah-Ha moment? 

The way their face lights up and they are filled with confidence? That happens when the neuropathways are healthy and strong. The opposite happens where you can see their physical and emotional response drop instantly when they just can’t seem to get it. 

They lash out in a similar response, when you take their favorite toy away, with anger and frustration. They get depressed and feel they are stupid or that something is wrong with them. 

We all want our children to be in the amazing space of Ah-Ha and confidence consistently. 

So, what’s happening in their brain? 

We watch as they really struggle with learning. As they get frustrated, angry, and often acting out. Often the world might assume they aren’t smart, but something inside us knows they are, and we just don’t know where or what the disconnect is…

Here’s what’s really going on. 

At various ages in our life, our brain goes through different stages of development. As kids, we played outside with friends and had fun using our imaginations. Now it’s video games, social media, and even worse, isolation. 

Remember at the beginning when I referenced that neuropathways look like trees? 

The stronger and bigger the tree, the easier it is to learn and process thoughts. What’s happening now is, instead of creating strong “Trees” these young brains are trained to create mini trees. It’s like planting a bunch of trees along the side of the road and never going back to water them. What happens to those trees? They die. 

When a child’s brain is being taught only to grow mini neuropathways when they need to focus on something and learn, the tiny tree neuropathways have an extremely hard time growing. This can literally be painful for them. 

It makes sense that they would lash out or be depressed. 

It’s not their fault, and it’s not yours either. 

This is why Terha wrote her book. That’s why you’re reading this. That’s why Terha was encouraged to create the Kid’s Revolution. And it’s on the rise. 

This book is full of incredible solutions that will surprise and enlighten you. 

Where do we start? 

It’s important to know a bit about what your child’s current situation and activities are doing to their brain.  The same goes for the parent reading this too. 

The overload of video games, social media, and on-screen learning makes these problems more apparent, and kids, now more than ever are struggling with depression, ADD, anxiety and therefore are recommended to be on medications. 

Video games, social media, TV and commercials are specifically designed to create dopamine hit the brain similar to sugar and certain drugs. 

Have you noticed how quick everything is? We go from one picture to another, one like or comment to another, one visual image to another in video games or even commercials. 

These are what are creating the “mini” neuro-pathways. 

This is just scratching the service of the information that Tarha Watterson has explored. She will share the solution and the Kids Revolution in an upcoming meeting. 

If your interest is peaked, you are invited to her new FREE event Mom’s Unite – Solutions Meeting for our children’s modern-day struggles, coming up February 20th 11am MST at the Ninja Experience Indoor Obstacle Course in Loveland. 

They will have a childcare provider for kids 2-6. Kids ages 7-15 will get a free Ninja Warrior Training Class during the meeting. 

Tarha Watterson and Kids Revolution Mom’s will host the educational and solution-based forum for concerned parents. You will hear the 5 steps to walk away with for Happy Healthy Confident Children. 

Visit the Facebook event for more information.

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