Great Educational Resources for Families to Help Support Learning.

Great Educational Resources for Kids To Enhance And Partner With School Curriculum or Your Own Plan

By Melissa Shrader Editor/Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid April 22, 2020

Some of our favorite familiar resources and entertainment are offering educational tools for us to teach our kids independently or to partner with our schools. 

I love these resources as many are familiar to those of us with kids in public schools. Scholastic, and IReady are resources our school districts use so it will be easy to integrate them into the daily routine as kids are already familiar with them. Some of the classes offer Google Classroom integration and At Home Learning integration for parents and teachers. 

Disney has released some great shows we can watch at home and also some information for your kids to enjoy. All your Disney favorites offer information on behind the scenes, story lines, coloring, and more in age appropriate activities.  Find educational and entertaining content here. Reading and Social Studies

New Victory Theater is offering some tutorials during percussion week on body percussion, beatbox, rhythm and more. Music

The HSA Harlem School of Art is offering online classes from hip-hop to acting.  Dance - PE 

Broadway baby sitters playhouse offers to do the babysitting for kids 2 and up with online classes, dance parties, interactive reading, storytimes, and educational fun for kids. PE Reading Music 

Save with stories is a wonderful organization that has partnered with @savethechildren and @nokidhungry, to #SAVEWITHSTORIES. They began with the COVID-19 pandemic to help kids keep educated and fed. Art 

We Are Teachers has a wonderful list of Storytimes with books read by authors and actors.  Reading 

PBS Prairie Public is offering educational services that connect to Google classroom and other communication that schools are using. You can use the programs to integrate with what the school is doing or you can plan your own program based on the shows that are offered. There are a bunch of resources at Prairie Public At Home Learning and it’s free. Parents and Educators can use the site to enhance their programs. There are too many incredible features to list. Visit the site and see what fits your needs. Math, reading, social studies, science 

Highlights at home is an incredibly informative and fun site. There are jokes, searches, snack ideas and more. Reading 

IReady curriculum Associates are supporting student leaning at home with a bunch of resources. Distance Learning supports for students during school closure, Printable At Home Learning activity packs for math and reading and grade levels from K to 8. Reading and Math 

#StoryMarch offers so many great opportunities to read, learn art and create their own art work for books. The site is full of storytime links. The rules of the site: make a piece of art every day. Use any medium, make a sculpture…anything. They have a list of words to use as inspiration for your child’s artwork. See some of the creations on instagramat @storymarch2020. You can also search #storymarch on Facebook and Twitter. Art

If you liked #storytimemarch you’ll love #storytimemarchwrite. It’s all about writing in much the same way as the drawing page. There are prompts and you must write something with the word of the day. The rules also state that the story must connect with the previous day’s story. This can also take the form of journaling, poem or book. The topics cover fantasy, Mystery, and Science Fiction. Writing

Scholastic offers so much and At Home Learning for grades Pre K to 9 educators and parents can work within the system to create meaningful content for their kids to learn from. Reading Writing

Parents are taking on a roll that is new and challenging but we can do it! The resources above are fun and easy to add for some extra umpf to the curriculum.