Want to Get Out To The Trails Safely? Tips and Guidelines To Trails.

Larimer County Natural Resources Tips To A Safe & Respectful Trip.

By Melissa Shrader Editor/Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid April 19, 2020

We have so many trials and other fun educational places 

to take our kids around Larimer County. 

They are very inviting too. 

But before you leave your home consider what your backyard has to offer. We are using our backyard as much as possible before we visit trails to learn about nature, science or to just stretch your legs.  Larimer County has a bunch of great links to help make your trips to the trails quick fun and safe.

Here are some tips to enjoy nature around you, keep you safe and minimize impacts:

  • Do not leave your home unless you absolutely have to, especially if you are not well.
  • Stay close to your home and explore your backyard, and travel around your neighborhood.
  • Stay in small groups, the smaller the better. 
  • Avoid busy times on the trails. Try early morning and late afternoon. 
  • Be flexible, if a trail head looks full or busy consider a different trail or another time. 
  • Bring hand sanitizer, wear a mask, and use your own restroom before you leave home, stay 6' apart, and don't touch your face. If you wear gloves be sure to take them off properly.
  • Stay on trails to avoid damage. Step off to allow someone to pass but don't walk beside the trail.
  • Avoid putting yourself or your family in risky recreational pursuits, or remote locations.
  • First responders may not be able to respond quickly and they can not practice physical distancing when rescuing you.
  • Park in designated areas at trail heads
  • Keep dogs on leashes and under control. Pack waste out.
  • Be kind, patient, smile and wave along the trails

Check to see the conditions of the trails before heading out. And check the trail webcams to see how busy the trails are.

Look outside your window and there is a world of adventure and intrigue.

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