Sending Love ❤️ from Loveland Colorado. 2023 Valentine Cache

By Melissa Shrader Editor/Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid January 23, 2023

Sending all your love through the Loveland Chamber to be stamped by the many volunteers is the perfect way to show that special someone how much you care. 

For 77 years the Loveland Commerce & Loveland Postal Service has partnered to re-stamp the valentines of friends, family and lovers from around the world. 

The program was initiated by Harold Dunning, Rome Dietrich and others back in the 1940's and 1950's, as a stamp collection program rather than from a sweetheart angle. After years of trying to get the idea off the ground they realized they needed a boost. Ted Thompson who managed the Rialto Theater at the time and served as president on the Loveland Chamber was asked to help. Ted realized the unique opportunity to share a little love and friendship of Loveland with the people of the USA and the world through a Valentine Re-mailing program. 

The program gained nationwide exposure when Guy Lombardo was designated as Honorary mayor of Loveland on February 14, 1950. The Royal Canadians had recorded the song “There’s a Lovely Lake In Loveland” which was featured during the celebration.  

Now 77 years later this sweet program is the largest in the nation and still growing! 

This year’s card was designed by Corry McDowell. The card verse was penned by Sybil Psuik. And last but not least the Cache Verse was created by  Amy Huckaby. 

If you want your cards to be stamped with the cache and special cancellation you can drop the self addressed, stamped letters and cards at your local King Soopers or City Market stores from now till Feb 1st 2019. Look for the large white boxes near the Customer service desks. The stores will deliver the letters & cards to the Loveland Post office for you. 

Make  your cards a bit more special by using one of the Forever stamps from the Love/Wedding section of the United Postal Service website. 

You can send your own card to the re-stamp program or buy the 2023 card.  

To send your valentine through the Sweetheart Valentine Re-stamping program follow these instructions:

Address the Valentine with the recipient’s address 

Stamp the Valentine (with the appropriate postage)

Place the Valeting in a larger, first-class envelope (be sure you have enough postage as the letter will be returned to you if you don't)

Stamp the larger envelope and address it as follows: 

Postmaster – Attention Valentines  

446 E 29th St

Loveland, CO 80538-9998

Image: Remailing program participants from past Valentines.

Deadlines to get your Valentine their card by Valentine’s day:

February 3, 2023 for International Mail 

February 7, 2023 Continental U.S 

February 9, 2023 Colorado (within the state)

Northern Colorado residents can drop off their Valentines now through Feb. 9 at the following

Loveland locations during normal business hours:

  • Our official Valentine drop location sponsors include Independent Financial and Elevations Credit Union.
  • Drop off self-addressed, stamped Valentine envelopes at any of these locations, as well as the Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Center
  • The Loveland Post Office (446 E. 29th St. Loveland, CO 80538) & (601 Cleveland Ave  Loveland, Co 80537)  will be accepting Valentines to be dropped off in the red mailbox displayed in the lobby until February 10th, 2023.

Participants are encouraged to send their Valentines to Loveland as soon as possible.

The Valentine Re-mailing program from the Sweetheart city stamps valentines from all 50 states, and more than 110 Countries. There are over 50 original Valentine Volunteers stamp the envelopes and there is a waiting list of over 100 to help stamp!

If you would like to see these volunteers in action you are welcome to visit the Loveland Chamber during the first two weeks of February. You can visit and see the volunteers stamp the cache’s and cancellation with love and care. 

The volunteers do this with love and care and are entertained by local artists that stop by and sing songs.  They also get some stretch breaks where they get up and dance! That's why there is a waiting list of over 100.

If you participate in the program by sending a card to be stamped, know that the card will be stamped not only with the Sweetheart City cache and cancellation, but it will be done with love from the volunteers in Loveland. 

Image: Remailing program participants from past Valentines.