Local Surgeon - Writes Playbook - Robotic Female Pelvic Reconstruction

Dr. John Crane, a Urogynecologist @ Banner Health celebrated 10 years & more than 2,000 surgeries

By Banner Health Press Release October 20, 2019

As the pioneer for this approach at Banner Health in 2009, Dr. Crane has been instrumental in leading the Banner McKee Medical Center in Loveland to become home to one of only eight Intuitive Robotic Epicenters in the U.S. for gynecology and urogynecology and the only one in Colorado. 

Robot-assisted surgery provides three-dimensional visualization, articulating instruments and better access for doctors. According to Dr. Crane, “it’s like watching a pro football game on TV compared to being in the huddle.” The robot puts surgeons in the middle of the operation without having to open patients up. Robotic surgeries are less invasive, less painful and quicker for patients as well. They will become the standard in the industry as Dr. Crane can now do 98.2 percent of his surgeries with the robot. The robot is also now used for several different types of cases in addition to OB-GYN.