Experiance The Journey of Language at DPLA Trilingual Education Center

By Melissa Shrader Editor/Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid June 1, 2019

Language. It’s the basis of our society. We all communicate, and it makes life easier. Imagine how much easier life would be if you or your child had a second or third language? Learning an additional language is a journey. DPLA (Distinguished Programs in Language Acquisition) Trilingual Education Center is a great place for your child to begin their language journey. 

 It truly is a journey. Learning a language opens the doors to other cultures, better learning, a head start in math, science, music, art and cultural studies. At DPLA Trilingual Education Center, children learn English, Spanish, and Mandarin.  Parents can join in too for free so the language can be practiced at home. Culture is all around us, we gain self-awareness and diversity through it. Learning another language is an incredible opportunity to learn about other cultures and DPLA doesn’t miss this opportunity. Each child will have the opportunity for a Pen pal in Nanjing China or Guanacaste Costa Rica opening their world to what life is like for kids in other countries! 

The DPLA journey begins in the preschool class with languages, extends to your home educating parents/caregivers, extends further with their pen pals AND, graduating preschool families are offered an opportunity to visit their Pen Pals and experiance the culture and meet their friends in person, giving empathy, connection and knowledge that will last a lifetime. 

Kids in K-12 aren’t left out. They can take advantage of learning another language at DPLA too! DPLA’s after-school and home school tutorial programs use a combination of several learning styles to create a successful strategy plan for your child. They work with teachers or parents to create success not only with foreign language but with regular curriculum too.  

Knowing multiple languages opens doors all throughout life. Not only enriching ones, childhood but teens graduating school with three languages opens doors to numerous scholarships across the world!Knowing several languages is an incredible asset in the workplace too. Giving your child three languages opens an incredible base to your child’s journey through life. 

The journey continues to Adults and Seniors. DPLA offers language for social or cultural travel, business language and cultural protocol, Family and group learning, and Senior programs. All programs are acquisition format with no memorization and tailored to the individual, as everyone learns in their own way. Keeping up a foreign language is a great way to stay sharp and vital all throughout life. 

Language is a journey. So is life. DPLA open the minds of children, adults and seniors exposing them to the opportunity to expand their world. Children are like sponges. Imagine what they can absorb when exposed to languages? Kids and teens gain academically in several areas and get several opportunities for multiple scholarships. Adults and seniors can gain skills to excel at work, play, and to keep cognitively sharp.  DPLA Trilingual Education Centers, teach with all this in mind. They open the minds of children, adults and seniors exposing them to the opportunity to expand their world through language. 

Begin your language journey by contacting DPLA Trilingual Education Centers and see where your journey through language will take your children and you. Phone: 970-617-0884, Email:, Website: