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My Child's Musical Journey at Loveland Academy of Music

By Melissa Shrader Editor/Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid February 24, 2019

 Kaity has always loved to play around on her little stuffed toy Piano, then her tiny grand piano (one of those little plastic cute ones), then her grandma’s electric piano. I had thought she just liked to “tinkle around” on the keyboard. My husband, relatives and I have discussed enrolling her in some sort of music or piano classes but have always thought that Kaity would get bored and move on to something else too quickly. So instead we did the usual classes, gymnastics, swimming, we threw in some acting classes too as she’s quite the character! All of these kept her interest, made her happy and she did quite well at them all. 

I’ve known Karen Suedmeier, owner of Loveland Academy of Music, since I started doing Macaroni Kid. She suggested having Kaity try out some classes and see where it leads. I was a bit hesitant, mainly because I know how much concentration and commitment music of any kind takes. I just wasn’t sure Kaity would keep focused enough to do it. Especially if she wasn’t truly interested in it.  

We took a leap and signed up. Kaity was so nervous and so excited about the opportunity. She kept asking what it would be like, what if she didn’t like it? What if she loved it? What if she loved it but wasn’t good at it? What do they (the instructors) expect? What if she can’t do what they tell her to do? What if … What if… Karen graciously let us meet some of the teachers, she also took the time to get to know Kaity and find out a bit about her so that she could find the perfect teacher to fit Kaity’s personality.

Karen found the Perfect teacher and our journey began. 

We wanted to be sure that Kaity could practice at home, so we asked to use grandma’s electric piano at our house till Kaity’s practice lessons were done.  We got the suggested practice books – though they came a bit late but that didn’t throw our teacher Mallory off, she just selected a song that both she and Kaity agreed on from another book, copied it and they moved ahead with teaching of notes, and practice of music. Kaity was elated after the first lesson. When we got home she raced inside and began to practice. I listened to “It’s a Small World After All” over and over again – surprisingly enough she did it pretty good right away. Of-course not perfect but she was excited to practice, and she really listened to what she was doing and focused on notes, finger positions and she tried to make it sound exactly like the song she had heard. 

We went back for our second lesson, Kaity played her piece and was so Proud! Mallory was great! She is a truly wonderful teacher. Patient, knowledgeable, speaks intelligently at a kids level. Plus, she is great at keeping up the pace in class and taking time to answer questions or address issues. 

We had just a couple lessons and learned there was going to be a recital in a few more weeks. Kaity being my adventurous kiddo wanted to do it. She didn’t know what she really was getting into but she knew that she wanted to do it. So Kaity chose a classical piece (they play just a snippet) “Ode To Joy” and began to practice. She was so excited. 

Our last class before recital came and Kaity was so nervous. Mallory was fantastic. She had Kaity go through her practice once alone then she brought in other teachers to listen.  Kaity was a hit! She played wonderfully and the teachers all clapped and complemented her. 

When recital came Kaity was still a bit nervous but Mallory sat beside her to give her support. She did famously! The whole family both sets of grandparents and of course us her parents were so proud of her. 

Taking the classes at Loveland Academy of Music helped Kaity gain confidence, pride and a sense of accomplishment in abilities. 

I have to say Thank you to Loveland Academy of Music, Karen and Mallory. They have a great program which teaches at the student’s pace. They offer a wide range of classes from Voice, Drum, Guitar, Piano, and Ukulele. They have a very talented group of instructors and a philosophy of “Everyone is Family”. They truly care about each student and family that walks through the door.  

If you are considering music classes, visit Loveland Academy of Music tell them Macaroni Kid sent you and they will give you FREE registration ($30 value).

For more information on classes, tuition, and more visit .

Loveland Academy of Music has graciously offered to waive registration for classes when you mention either Loveland Macaroni Kid or Fort Collins Macaroni Kid when you call to register. Find out a bit more about Loveland Academy of Music here.

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