Fun in the forcast! 5 Ideas Indoor & Outdoor Ways To Play.

For a Snow Day, School's Out or Any Day.

By Melissa Shrader Editor/Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid December 30, 2018

It's that time of year! Any day can bring anything from sunny warm days to blizzards. 

I always try to have a little something in my arsenal to entertain. 

Bundle up and make some Snowmen, go sledding and have a some wild snowball fights! Go out and play in the snow. It melts quickly, so don’t miss out on Mother Nature’s free frozen playground! If you need to shovel involve the kids. Make snow angels. Bring the outdoors in by bringing in a snowball to experiment with. Add some water to one and see if it melts faster than the one you just brought in and left on the counter.

Love to cook? Baking! Enjoy watching the snow fall in a warm, sweet smelling kitchen. Get your kids involved and create some masterpieces maybe some sugar cookies you can decorate or some peanut butter balls. Or treat yourself to some comfort food. Make a great dinner. Maybe soup, chili, or even some sandwiches. Something you and the kids can do together. My daughter is 7 and loves to make peanut butter balls for daddy. Serve your meal on "special" dishes whether it's plastic/paper or china make it special. At our house we use the toy dishes in the toy kitchen, we have ceramic dishes. After you make the dinner perhaps take some to an older neighbor who can't get out.

We love to read! Grab a blanket and some great books and snuggle up on the sofa and enjoy some family reading time! Have each child pick their favorite book and enjoy some educational family time while watching the snow fall. We have some hot cocoa and make s'mores too.

Arts & Crafts are perfect! Have each kid pick a craft they want to do and then roll up your sleeves and get into an art project! Paint, clay, play doh or anything you and your kids can imagine. Our favorite is to smear peanut butter on pine-cones and roll them in bird seed for some outdoor art (and snacks!) for your backyard friends.

Who doesn't like a movie? Make it as close to a movie theater experience in your living room as possible! Pop some popcorn, get some snacks and juice boxes and make a concession stand. Have your kids make their own movie tickets while you get everything set up.

We love to play games too. We have a hide and seek with a sock monkey (or any doll).  One person hides the sock monkey and then the rest of us search using the "hot & cold" method to help finding it. Make a Pillow Fort! Of course there are the standby's with board games and such. 

Whether you pick one of these or a mix take the day to have fun and play a bit. The snow isn't the only thing that disappears quickly. Kids grow up so fast and the memory you make today will last a lifetime. 

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