Go Boo Your Neighbors. It's A Family Tradition For Us.

Spread Kindness Though Your Neighborhood

By Melissa Shrader Editor/Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid October 7, 2018

One October day I learned about something new that created a family tradition.

I arrived home to find a little package on my front door handle with a little note and a small stuffed hand-made ghost. The bag was filled with stickers, chocolate, and some cool little Kitty figurines. Clearly it was a little something for my daughter. Something fun, nice and completely unexpected! That’s what made it so special. A little something kind and fun to make our holiday special. 

I can’t tell you how fun that was, and how it made my daughter feel. She felt so special. She smiled all day and played with those kitties for – well she still plays with them each Halloween. We keep them in our Halloween decoration box, and every year we dig out the box, pull out our decorations and she dives in looking for the kitties! 

This started a tradition for us of surprising neighbors with a little something special. We do this for new neighbors, our neighbors with kids, or for those who just are a bit lonely during the holidays. It’s a nice warm hug for those you want to do something special for too. It doesn’t have to be a neighbor. 

You can do this for the whole month of October. Giving a little something to someone whom you want to brighten their day. 

Basically, pick someone, a family, an individual, neighbor, or just someone you want to give a nice surprise to.

Go to the dollar bin at Target or the dollar store or keep the items you want to keep simple and inexpensive. 

Look for things that that family (kids) will like, Halloween pencils, erasers, stickers, tattoos, some candy, then put them together into the Boo Bags, basket or any container you like.

You can make it fun, useful or anything you think the family or individual will like. You can make as many as you like too.

On the outside of the bag or basket, put a note with this poem or some other variation (you can find several on line).

Then put a Ghost that they can put in their window after they've been boo'd so they don't get boo'd again. 

I use this little tag and most families have used it to put in their window to show they’ve been Boo’d. 

Place bag on door step or somewhere visible.

Then make sure they don't see you. 

One year we had the whole neighborhood involved! It was Spooktacular Wahaha! 

There was some very creative gifting from plants to Halloween décor, and toys. All from the dollar store or from other inexpensive resources.

The air is cool, The season Fall,
soon Halloween will come for all.
Ghosts and goblins, spooks galore,
Tricky witches at your door.
The spooks are after things to do.
In fact one brought this "Boo" to you.
The excitement comes when friends like you.
Copy this note and make it two.
We'll all have smiles upon our faces,
no one will know who "BOO'ed" whose places!
Just two short days to work your spell.
Keep it secret, hide it well.
Please join the fun, the season's here
just spread these "Boo's" and Halloween Cheer.

Link to the PDF for the Poem above.