Ideas for Date Night or Day for the Parents!

Taking Time to Stay Connected is Important.

By Melissa Shrader Editor/Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid June 3, 2018

I’m just getting to the point that I can really leave the kiddo for some quality time with the spouse.  When this happens we find we have the same conversation.  “What do you want to do?” “I don’t know, what do you want to do?’ 

So I decided to pull together a list of ideas for those of us who draw a blank when the time comes. 

If you are on a last minute schedule

If by some miracle someone offers to watch your little angel for a couple of hours and you have no time to change your clothes, plan ahead or navigate the web.  

The Summit in Windsor always has tons of fun stuff for adults as well as your kids.  

Visit any restaurant and hang out for a bit. Get an appetizer and just connect.

Movies are always a hit if you have the time.  

Coffee house

Book store Old Firehouse books is great! They always have something going on. 

Feed the birds at a local pond. 

Rooftop restaurant  Tony’s Bar & Rooftop Restaurant

A park 

Miniature golf (ice cream afterwards is a must) For Fun is great. 

If you have time to plan ahead

Go on a fake vacation-  Pick a “Theme Location” and create the setting. It doesn’t have to be elaborate just creative. It can be a real place or fictional.

Spa Night- Get and appointment and have a couples massage. 

Go to a Sports event- You can participate in a race together or just watch one!

Recreate your first date! Need I say more!

Movies are always a hit. Whether it’s a matinee or the neighborhood movies around town (mainly on Fridays).

Bring your laptop, a redbox, and a blanket and watch a movie somewhere outside when you choose.

Grab your favorite poetry book (or print off something) and read poetry to each other by the lake. The worse you are at it, the funnier it will be. 

Go on a photowalk (explore a new or old neighborhood through your lens)

If the grandparents have the kiddos overnight or a friend has a sleep over

Spa Day - Even men love to relax! Get a romantic couples massage!

Do an inside camp out (or in the backyard or a nearby camp ground)

Haunted History Tour  Magic Bus Tours is great
Cultural Dinner & Movie Night
Brewery Tour  Magic Bus Tours does it all!
Classes – cooking etc
Couple’s Massage

Painting Try Juiced on Imagination or Pinot’s Pallet
Day Trip There are several in the Poudre Canyon and Roosevelt that are great
Something New Try something on your bucket list of new ideas
Comedy Night
Wine Tasting

Watch the sun rise or set

Makeout Watch a drive-in movie

Cook over a campfire (or just make dessert)

Go to the zoo 

If you just need a couple of hours together without spending all your money

Bake/Cook together something you both like to eat 

Living Room Camping Or do something Kid like 

Play Board Games

Just Listen take the time to reconnect. 

Go on a Walk

Speed date Drop by an ice cream place and just talk

Movie night Pick a movie you both approve of. Get the popcorn and candy out. Snuggle up all cozy and enjoy the movie!

Indoor picnic: Similar to camp out idea. Make some fun picnic finger foods and pour some wine. Enjoy each others company!

Sunset Go to scenic place together and sit and watch the sunset. Pour some wine and relax!

Make some dessert and eat leftovers after the children are asleep. 

Farmer’s Market

Penny Pinching a date night

Split meals – Money can be tight after kids come along, so split your meals on date nights! Drink only waters and you can probably squeeze out enough money to pay a sitter for watching the kids too.

Order water 

Put it in the budget  Save a little each week for a once a month night out or just an ice cream treat together.

If you have to take babies/toddlers Go someplace where you can watch the kids but be able to focus on each other too (more than you usually get to). See if there is a “Kids eat free or cheap night” someplace you like and this will help the budget. 

Fly a kite

Play with water balloons (water balloon toss or a less civilized water balloon fight). If you wanna get crazy, fill them with something other than water. 

Find a free outdoor concert

Play at a splash pad (channel your inner toddler)

Play hopscotch 

Picnic in the park

Grab an old blanket and go stargazing

Play in the sprinklers

Race toy boats (or sticks, paper boats, leaves, or anything else that floats) down a stream

Group Dates
‘50s Bowling Night
Black Light Laser Tag
Photo scavenger hunt
Brush up on your rollerblading skills

Go geocaching (google it)

Trivia Night

Finding Sitting

Swap Sitting – Find another couple who will take turns watching the kids.   

Northside Aztlan Community Center offers Club 36 for kids in 3rd to 6th grades. Once a month from 6pm - 9pm you can drop the kids for $10 if you register in advance or $15 at the door. The next 2 are April 21 and May 12. 

Loveland Chilson Center offers Date nights every Saturday from 7-10:30pm with Kids night out. $10 for the night with an additional $5 for a dinner voucher. The next 2 are April 21 "Unicorn Night" and April 28th "Nerf Night".

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