25 Questions for Kids to Ask Grandparents on National Grandparents Day

Grandparents day is Sunday Sept 11th.

September 5, 2022

It's amazing that sometimes we can know people well, but don't really know anything about their past. Specifically, grandparents. During a school assignment last year, my daughter had to interview her grandparents about the music they liked growing up. She learned what style they liked, what they thought of new artists when they became famous (Elvis), where their first concert was and even if they danced in school. The conversation switched to prom, wedding and even talk about their days and teachers in High School. She was pretty interested and a bit blown away, actually, at some of the things she heard.

Now that it's Grandparents Day, why not make this a chance for your kids to "interview" grandma and grandpa and learn some interesting facts?

Here are 25 questions that can help get them started:

1. What was your bedroom like growing up?

2. Did you have stuffed animals or special toys you played with?

3. Did you have pets? What kind?

4. Did you fight with your brother or sister (if applicable)?

5. What were your favorite foods as a kid?

6. What is your first school memory?

7. Do you remember any of your teachers or have a favorite?

8. Did you go on vacation and where do you remember going?

9. Did you like or play sports?

10. What music did you listen to? Who was your favorite singer/band?

11. When did you get a TV and what did you watch?

12. Did you ever go to another country?

13. How did you meet (your spouse)?

14. Who were your best friends and what do you remember doing with them?

15. What did you want to be when you grew up?

16. What was your Christmas/Hanukkah/Holidays like growing up?

17. What do you wish you did as a kid but never got to do?

18. Did you have any idols?

19. What wars did you live through (and tell me about those times)?

20. What was your wedding like?

21. What was it like when you had your first baby?

22. What was your first car?

23. What was your first job?

24. Did you go to college? Trade school, etc?

25. What were your parents like?

Oh, there's so many more questions they can ask. But start with one and see where that leads. I'm sure your kids will remember this conversation forever. If you're present during the conversation, you may learn a thing or two yourself. I was shocked to learn that my father snuck into a wedding when he was about 20. It just gives you a new perspective and also reminds you that no matter how old people get, they were kids and they did many things we still do. They have rich experiences to share. Don't let your kids miss out on these fun and worthwhile conversations.