Wearable Wallet -Never Loose Your Cards Again. A Creative Solution.

Loosing your Drivers License Can Be A Disaster, But Not For Caty.

By Caty Winyard & Melissa Shrader July 25, 2017

Flying with three small children is not easy.  Newborn in arms, two toddlers in the double stroller, and trying to check in or get through security - it's not surprising one can lose something as important as an ID.  And in the confusion of getting everyone and everything through TSA, Caty Winyard forgot to place her driver's license back in her wallet - which was in the depths of the overstuffed diaper bag. By the time she realized her license anywhere on board, she was already halfway across the country. But there are indeed silver linings - the loss of an ID and subsequent struggle of flying back to Colorado without a license (with the same little ones in tow) proved to be a blessing.

What if there was a way to carry your most important cards right on your arm?  That way, you have easy, instant access to a driver's license, credit or debit card, or even a few dollars without having to dig around for your wallet or worry about losing them out of a back pocket.

The sketches drawn in her sleeping son's notebook on the airplane coming back to Colorado quickly became reality as Caty designed and made the first few prototypes of The Wearable Wallet.  The final design is a simple 4 inch wide leather cuff that wraps one and a half times your wrist with four secure snaps. The first two snaps hold the wallet on your wrist. The second set of snaps hide a hand-sewn leather pocket that securely holds all your essentials - ID, credit card, insurance card, wholesale club card, and a few folded dollar bills.  "The decision to go with the snap closure was very intentional," says Caty.  "I wanted something that was secure enough to not pop open if the end got caught on something."  

As was the decision to go with leather instead of a fabric alternative. "I wanted to use something that is very durable and doesn't show dirt.  Plus, I love the stylish look of a leather cuff," says Caty. "It feels very empowering to snap on an accessory that is also very practical.  I feel so free when I go on date night with my husband or out for drinks with my girlfriends because I don't have to worry about leaving my purse behind." 

Date night, girls night, grocery shopping, festivals, concerts, traveling - the possibilities are endless!  And yes, The Wearable Wallet is TSA approved. "I didn't have to take off my wrist wallet when I flew with my kids to Disneyland last month," says Caty.  "I didn't lose my driver's license that time!"

The wallets come in 3 colors and each is handmade with love by Caty.  

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