Non-Candy Surprises for Easter Fun

April 10, 2017

All the fun without the big sugar rush!

The Easter Bunny doesn't like to bring too much candy for my kids' Easter baskets. Probably because he knows we still have candy left over from Halloween that hasn't been eaten yet! So here are some of the alternatives our Easter Bunny does for us.
My daughter loves looking to see what the Easter Bunny has brought her, and she delights in seeing the bubble gum eggs and candy dispensers with rabbits or chicks, but that is where the candy for the baskets usually ends (except for the egg hunt that comes later in the day).

It's amazing what little things can be put in Easter baskets that are so much better than candy ... jump ropes, puzzle books like soduku or word searches, craft supplies like markers, stickers, or pom-poms, crazy straws, sidewalk chalk, bubble bath, and colorful socks have all made their way into Easter baskets in our house over the years.
In addition to the Easter baskets, our bunny also hides eggs in our backyard. Sometimes the Easter Bunny must be lazy and just puts goldfish, Swedish fish, or M&Ms in the eggs he hides (the Easter Bunny is a HE, right?)

However, my daughter likes when we get a note from the Easter bunny and makes a scavenger hunt for us. Each egg holds a clue to where to find the next egg. He has us rhyming to complete the clue and find the egg, or he gives us directions to different places in our yard, and at the end all who participate receive a new book (my kid loves to read, so the books are actually something she wants). The Easter Bunny did this for my brother and me when we were growing up, too, and we received Super Soaker water guns at the end. We also received quarters wrapped in aluminum foil, a trick passed down through generations of Easter Bunnies that visited my relatives.
My point in sharing this is that the baskets and egg hunts don't have to be all about candy. The Easter Bunny can spice it up without spending a lot, especially by getting great deals in the Target dollar bins or at discount "dollar" stores.

Here are even more ideas to inspire your Easter Bunny!

For Younger Macaronis
colorful shoelaces
modeling clay
fun/colorful bandaids
fun toothbrushes
bouncy balls
building bricks
toy cars
jump rope
trading cards
coloring book and crayons (or markers)

For Macaroni Tweens and Teens
beach towel
swim suit
flip flops
nail polish
gift cards (movie theater, coffee shop, iTunes, book store or clothing store)
body spray
body wash and puff

The thing to remember is that the Bunny knows your kids well and can get them something that will fit the bill and make them happy! Just think outside the candy wrapper.