Make a K-Cup Dinosaur

Triceratops or Dilophosaurus

By Gail Keller - Macaroni Kid JoCo March 27, 2017

Kids love dinosaurs and I love reusing household items. Here's a cute craft for reusing those K-Cup coffee pods!

You Will Need:

Used K-Cup coffee pods

Acrylic paint (we used brown and green)

Cupcake wrappers 

Pipe cleaners in assorted colors, cute​ into approximately 1" pieces

Googly eyes (optional)

Glue, general purpose or tacky

Permanent markers


Large safety pin or small nail (to use as hole punch)

1. Empty, wash, and dry your K-Cup coffee pods.

2. Paint K-Cups using acrylic paint. Let dry. Paint 2nd coat. Let dry. We used brown and dark green paint.

3. Fold a cupcake wrapper in half, colored side out, and flatten.

For Triceratops:
4a. Put glue in a semi-circle in the center of the wrapper and place the open end of the K-Cup on the glue so that the hole in the narrow end of the cup faces down (away from the cupcake wrapper). Hold together until dry.

5a. Put a pipe cleaner in the hole as a horn. Glue on, or color eyes. Decorate as desired. 

6a. Punch a hole on each side of the K-Cup and place 2 additional pipe cleaners (Optional).

For Dilophosaurus:
Complete steps 1 through 3 above.

4b. Trace a circle around the narrow end of the K-Cup on the center of the wrapper. Cut out the circle.


5b. Slide the wrapper over the K-cup with the colored part of the wrapper facing the narrow end of the K-Cup.

6b. Put a pipe cleaner in the hole as a horn. Decorate the face using googly eyes or marker.

7b. Cut a narrow slit in the top and bottom of the wrapper.