Ideas to Help Keep Little Macaroni's Helpful For Thanksgiving

November 17, 2014

Thanksgiving Helper ideas:

Kids tend to get a bit restless if they don’t have a friend or two to play with during the Big meal.  If you keep them busy they feel both included and key in helping out with the meal! This also puts a different spotlight on the meal.  They learn how much goes into cooking and setting up a dinner for a special occasion and maybe a large group. This makes for a better time for everyone.

Here are some ideas of things to help keep those idle little hands busy:

Tearing up lettuce for salad

Peeling apples, potatoes, carrots, or oranges (choose something age appropriate)

Arranging the cheese and crackers or other appetizers

Folding napkins

Setting the Table

Rolling out pie crusts and cutting the holes for the shapes for the tops of the pies.

Making tartlets by cutting pie crust dough placing in mini muffin tins then filling with pie filling.

Putting biscuits, croissants etc. onto cool cookie sheets or pans.

Don’t Forget the Manners:

Introducing themselves to guests they don’t know. Remember to look the guest in the eye and smile, shake hands.

Thank the host if they are guests for the dinner and for having them over.

Find smaller kids and engage them in activity and give the parents a break so they can socialize.