Birthday Parties at Home Under Quarantine!

By Melissa Shrader Editor/Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid April 7, 2020

Birthday Parties at Home Under Quarantine! 

Birthday’s are a time of celebration and fun. What can you do and keep your physical distance and be social? Let’s face it, that’s what birthdays are all about. Friends, family and fun. A celebration of great importance shouldn’t be forgotten or delayed just because of COVID-19. 

Guess what, We can celebrate and keep safe too.

What can you do? 

Decorate their door 

Use your imagination. You can put balloons, streamers, heart cut outs, character cut outs and really anything you want to do to surprise your child when they open the door. You can also decorate the front door. Invite the Birthday Fairy to decorate the door! She tapes the steamers across the door from door jamb to door jamb and packs them full of balloons so when the birthday child opens the door balloons and streamers go everywhere! 

Set up camp in the living room! 

Set up a tent if you have one or make one with a blanket and some chairs. Use your imagination. Something simple and fun. Who doesn’t like to make smores and have a camp out? 

Movie Night

Not a camper? Try movie night. Make sure you have their favorite or order an on demand movie. There area bunch of free movies right now on various carriers due to the virus. 

Surprise with a giant sign in the front yard 

You can make a big impression with this one. Make a huge sign and put it in the front yard. You can order some online or be creative and use come cardboard and cut out the words and decorate them or keep it simple with a fun decorated sign saying Happy Birthday! 

You can reach Card My Yard in Wellington to create a memory that will make an impression for any occasion. 

Add Balloons to the Yard Sign or just use them by themselves.

Send a Card! 

Simple and direct. Make a card or use a store bought one if you are like me and have a stockpile (LOL). Make sure you mail it if you are celebrating someone else’s birthday or if you want to surprise your child mail their card to them too! You can do a door drop for a kiddo near by and surprise them. 

Send a online Ecard 

Kudoboard is an online tool to gather a group and send appreciation. Think of it like the greeting card that gets passed around and signed, but in a more fun and customizable group Ecard format

Add some Zoom To your party or Hangout in Google. 

You can invite friends and family to your child’s birthday party and get some face time. Invite a princess or superhero to join in too. You can make it a surprise zoom by making the Birthday child think they are talking to one or two kids and have the whole group shout Happy Birthday when they get on! Make sure the birthday child is a bit late so everyone can be on before. 

Hold a Virtual Craft Party! 

Order a craft and have it delivered to the guests. Then Google Hangout or Zoom and guide the guests and your kiddo through the craft! Artisan You, Pinot's Pallet, Juiced on Imagination, and many more! 

Hold a Virtual Dino Dig! 

Same as above! Order some dinosaurs and have them delivered to the guests. Have the parents hide the dino's in the yard in an area that can be dug up (preferably) or in a bucket of sand/dirt (be creative). Then Google Hangout or Zoom party and guide the guests through the dig and see who got what dinosaur! 

Send a dessert! 

Brighten up the day with a delivered dessert from a local bakery! Whether you are a good baker or not I’m sure you can surprise your child with a fun dessert delivered just for them! Think cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and don’t forget some local restaurants have some phenomenal dessert specialties. Daddy Cakes, Mary's Mountain Cookies, B Sweet Cupcakery, Explorado Market (Keto and Gluten Free), Peace Love and Little Donuts, Little Bird are all great options! (There are so many more!)

Birthday Parade! 

Gather friends, and family to do a drive by celebration! Have them decorate their cars and do a mini parade past your house. They can honk and wave and delight your birthday kiddo! Set a time for everyone and make sure your kiddo is nearby so they don’t miss the surprise.


Even though everyone is in the house you can still surprise your kiddo with something special! Plan a time and make them think you forgot their special day then surprise then with their special breakfast, or lunch or dinner. Maybe you surprise them with the zoom party or parade. (This is good for an older child)


Make it a BIG deal! Decorate the whole house (or one room or level) to the nine’s. Make sure you do as much decorating as possible.  My favorite is to take a bunch of balloons and  put them all over the floor in my daughter’s room. When she wakes up she has the floor covered with bright balloons with hearts drawn on them! (Good for an older child too – balloons are a choking hazard). 


You can order online (local and big box) or get creative and make something. Remember places like Learning Express and Knowledge Bound are still open and do curbside pickup. You can also create birthday registries at Amazon and other online registry. 

Make their Favorite Meal 

Just that! Make their favorite meal – but add decorations and something special to it. Maybe do all their favorites at one time (make sure it’s not all gummies LOL). If you are looking for some  fun gummies think of RocketFizz they have gummie pizza’s and taco’s as well as fast food like gummies. You can have a real meal and surprise them with something special after! 

Bake a cake or cupcake together 

Can’t get out or get delivery? Don’t have the funds to buy a cake? Make one yourself. Together. It’s a great way to teach them a little about cooking, chemistry, team work and family time.

Don’t like Cake? Make it an Ice cream cake

We do a mold in a bowl. First Line a bowl with either parchment or saran wrap (preferred). Take your favorite ice cream and defrost it just a bit so you can easily scoop and mold it. (We like chocolate brownie) Put it in the bowl, make sure you pack it firm, make a little bowl-shaped space in the middle, then freeze it till firm. Take a second flavor of your choice slightly defrost it. We use vanilla bean. Scoop it into the middle of the first ice cream then freeze it again. To take it out of the bowl put the bowl into a bath of warm water to loosen it from the sides of the bowl. Put a plate on top of the bowl then turn the bowl over to have the ice cream land on the plate. Remove the saran wrap. If you want to decorate the ice cream cake refreeze it slightly. You can frost it with buttercream icing or fondant or just leave it as is and put some whip cream on top. Make sure you slightly defrost it before the party so you can cut it. TIP. To cut through the ice cream easier - use a warm knife. 

Make a Memory 

Remember – the best thing you can give your child is a memory. It doesn’t have to be a big elaborate party or have expensive toys or gifts. The best memory is going to be that you remembered, put away all the other things going on in the world and focused on them. Make this a special birthday and a happy memory. Do something that fits your child and your family. Don’t worry about what other’s think or expect. This is your time to have a family birthday you can remember fondly.