Free Fishing Days June 4th & 5th. Create A Memory, & A Tradition

Remembering The 1st Time I Went Fishing with My Dad.

By Melissa Shrader Editor/Publisher Fort Collins Macaroni Kid May 16, 2022

My Memories of Fishing With My Dad.

I was maybe 5 or 6 when my dad took me up to the mountains to a little pond. The spring air was a bit chilly and the flowers were just starting to bloom. Dad was so excited! He sat me down and started telling me all about bobbers, how to hold the pole, and how to hold the release on the reel when casting. He held my hand and helped me cast the line for the first time. Then we sat and talked a bit about things. I can’t remember exactly what, maybe it was about what we were going to do with the fish we caught. I just loved being there with him.

The time passed and we talked more. Then suddenly Dad caught a fish. I dropped my pole and I remember him saying “No, You need to hold your pole. I’ll be fine. Keep fishing.” I watched him carefully and picked up my pole. Dad was good. He held the pole in one hand and scooped up the fish in his net with the other hand. The fish was HUGE! Dad put it in his basket and we resumed waiting and talking. I was just about ready to give up and go home, I felt a tug. It was a BIG tug! Dad jumped up and grabbed the pole and reeled the fish in. I had caught my FIRST fish! I was happy, but dad BEAMED. He was so happy and proud. 

This became a tradition for us to go out each spring by ourselves and just sit, fish, and talk. There were times we caught many fish and times when we didn’t get anything but, it was wonderful. 

The free fishing events are a great way to introduce your kids to fishing and see if they may be interested in fishing or maybe just a yearly tradition. 

The weekend of June 5th and 6th is a free fishing weekend here in Colorado where you can fish without a license no matter your age.

Local Fishing Derby's

Free fishing days are June 4th and 5th.

You can create your own tradition over this weekend by creating your own magic over the free fishing weekend. Find a lake, bring a snack or lunch then Picnic or snack, talk and connect over a peaceful fishing trip. Make sure the lake is open and boating is allowed. 

Mead Fishing (No Derby) 

There isn't a derby this year but you can come fish for free all weekend. 

Windsor Fishing Derby Eastman Park

Go fish! We will introduce about 250 fish into the pond at Eastman Park to give Windsor youth the opportunity to catch their very first fish! Kids get to take up to 2 fish and get a free lunch of a hot dog, chips and a drink. Please bring a pole or any equipment you may want to use.
For children ages 2-12. $6/child. Register at or call 970-647-3500.

Loveland Fishing Derby

The next annual event will be held at the North Lake Park Duck Pond June 4th 2022 8am - 1pm.  The fishing derby is for kids age 15 and under. No fishing license is required! It is also FREE of charge. Everyone else is welcome to fish after 1:00 p.m. on Saturday.

If you are curious about other states, here is a great list of dates across all states. 


Colorado  Free Fishing Day information and top fishing places can be found with this link.

Colorado Fishing Rules & Regulations Brochure – This tells you everything from how to start fishing to how to get a license and where to find certain types of fish. This is a great go to source of info offers many things from how to start fishing; boating, an interactive map showing where to fish; boat, getting a fishing license, registering a boat, and state laws. Here are Colorado events and info from 

More events in Colorado from ColoradoParks & Wildlife. Bait fishing Basics

Farmer’s Almanac list of “Best” fishing days. has an article on 5Tips From A Parent While Fishing With HisKids; Fishing with Children: Six Steps to Success. How to choose a fishing rod: Basics, Top fishing spots in Colorado