No Barriers USA 2020 SCF

317 Stover St, Unit A,Fort Collins, CO 80521Phone: 970-484-3633 x327Email: Penn.street@nobarriersusa.orgWebsite: Visit Website Google Map

"The No Barriers Mountain Campus is one step from wilderness and that’s how we like it! Our Fort Collins summer programs including summer camps and trips are located in an intentionally rustic playground that provides kids with a great balance of structured outdoor activity with enough space to connect and socialize with peers and play in our beautiful mountain setting.

We empower our participants to learn about themselves through a variety of adventure and leadership activities. Students can participate in rock climbing, a high ropes course, a zip line, team building games and activities, and much, much more. Campers also learn a variety of interpersonal skills through the day-to-day interactions with staff, structured play times, chore rotations, and group living with peers in their tents. Our staff continuously celebrates the struggles, triumphs, and accomplishments throughout the day to help our participants break through barriers, gain valuable self-confidence, and have a phenomenal camp experience."

Business Review

"""It was amazing to find and click with new friends. We challenged each other to our limits.

The activities we did were amazing and I enjoyed them. The counselors were

supportive and kind (also humorous). I personally thought this was an amazing camp.""

""I used to play around 6 hours a day playing fornite but this camp has shown me the value of nature!""

""""It has made me connect with others and nature and with my friends! It has been a great time here because I got to go out of my comfort zone and try new things."""""