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Ala Carte Learning Solutions, Inc. is a public benefit corporation that serves to help students learn. We believe that if the student hasn't learned, it is our duty to re-teach! We know that a student doesn't care what a teacher knows until the student knows that the teacher cares! We take the time to teach each of our students. Our continual program of Mastery Testing insures the improvement of skills, ONE STUDENT AT A TIME!

At the heart of our program is the Direct Instruction curriculum, a systematic, research-proven, multi-sensory teaching methodology that is founded on the belief that all students can learn. This methodology is fast-paced and highly interactive. No matter the student's educational history, behavioral pattern, or learning preferences, this methodology has proven to be effective. Every Direct Instruction program at Ala Carte Learning Solutions provides structured, personalized support to meet the needs of individual students in a variety of settings.

1 Student + 1 Teacher + 1 Hour = Success!

98.6% Proven Success Rate!

Academic Assessment

To begin our process to learn success, we start with an individual, comprehensive academic evaluation. First, we assess reading, spelling, writing, and arithmetic with a range achievement test. This instrument has been widely used in educational institutions for over 50 years and is known as both a highly reliable and valid instrument. We complete our academic assessment by measuring the learner's receptive language with an equally well-known and respected evaluation instrument. We use this assessment because receptive language is one of the best predictors of academic success.

Our Programs cover Reading, Math, Spelling, Writing, Critical Thinking, Early Education, Learn To Read, Learn To Read Continued Lessons, Reading Comprehension & Critical Thinking skills  too. 

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