Ascent Studio Climbing - 2019 Back To School Guide

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At Ascent Studio, we believe that a healthy climbing community is the most important aspect of the sport. The next generation of young climbers are a critical component of that community. Our mission is to educate, embolden, and equip all participants to be the best they can be, both as members of the climbing community and in all aspects of life.

We’re excited to be a part of your journey. Regardless of your age or ability, you are welcome here!

Youth Clubs

Our youth clubs are structured around four-week sessions that run concurrently with the school year. These clubs are designed to teach young climbers the basics of rock climbing safety, technique and technical skill. We strive to meet them at their level and provide the tools they need to become better climbers and grow as people.

Our clubs are separated into age categories so that we can better meet the instructional needs of each age group. We offer both once-a-week and twice-a-week options, and this year we are introducing a new club called the Arborists that is specifically tailored for more experienced climbers.

Intro Youth Classes

We offer weekly classes that differ from our Youth Clubs. These classes are structured on a drop-in or advance sign-up basis. Topics covered in these classes will include introductory concepts taught in the Youth Clubs, but will not venture into the more advanced skills. If you are looking to test out our youth programs, this is a great place to start!

Ascent Studio Climbing Team

The Ascent Studio Youth Climbing Team is a competitive climbing team that meets throughout the school year. The team follows the competition season outlined by USA Climbing. The fall season emphasizes bouldering, and focus shifts to sport climbing in the spring. Our coaching staff encourages young athletes to participate in both seasons.

Seasonal Camps

We offer summer camps for kids of all ages during the times that Poudre School District is not in session. This includes Summer Break, and may include Spring and Winter Break as well.

Birthday Parties

Attending a birthday party is a common introduction to climbing. You can be the coolest parents on the block by hosting your child's birthday party at Ascent Studio.

Business Review

"I've been meaning to check this place out with my little kids for a while now.   I wish I'd gone sooner! They were wonderful.  We are naive and inexperienced with climbing but they helped us each step of the way.   Prices seemed reasonable,  equipment was in great shape and the staff was kind and professional.  Kids are hooked,  we'll definitely be back!"

"I can’t say enough great things about their kids programs.  The coaches are amazing and great with the kids, and the studio doesn’t skimp on coaches per child, so everyone gets lots of climbing time.  They are also great about placing kids according to their abilities.  Their lessons and kids’ camps are fabulous!! The facility is also top notch.  Highly recommend."